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10 x 6 in 1 Saliva Twist Drug Test

10 x 6 in 1 Saliva Twist Drug Test

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Product Information:

The Multi-Drug Multi-Line Twist Screen Test Device (Oral Fluid) is an improved lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for the detection of six drugs of abuse in human oral fluid specimens. Featuring improved THC detection and a proprietary design, this test provides accurate results in 10 minutes.

Detection time is up to 48-72 hours from last drug use

Tests saliva for

PCP (angeldust)

The oral drug screen is designed to give preliminary onsite results in just 5-10 minutes.

Oral drug testing has many advantages:

Eliminates urine handling and collection
Removes embarrassment
Results in minutes
No special collection facilities required
Definite sample source to ensure CHAIN OF CUSTODY
Greatly reduced adulteration and cross contamination
Ready to use anytime anywhere
Low cost per drug group tested

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