£185.95 GBP

Alcodigital Platinum fuel cell digital breathalyser

  • Alcodigital Platinum is an extremely well made fuel cell digital breathalyser.
  • Fuel cell breathalysers are more accurate than their counterparts
  • It gives a Breath Alcohol Concentration measurement in mg/l.
  • English Driving Limit = 0.35mg/l. Scottish Driving Limit = 0.22mg/l
  • The Alcodigital sensor is accurate for 12 months (or 500 tests if that comes first) , after which it will need to be replaced.
  • Replacement sensors and extra breathalyser mouthpieces are available for this breathalyser

Alcodigital Platinum pack contents

  • Alcodigital Platinum Breathalyser
  • Pre fitted fuel cell sensor
  • 3 breathalyser mouthpieces
  • Case
  • Batteries
  • Instructions