ALL TEST Club Drug 5 Panel Urine Drug Test

  • £3.15

All Test urine drug testing kit for 5 common drugs

  1. Cannabis
  2. Cocaine
  3. Amphetamine
  4. Methamphetamine
  5. Ecstasy

How to use the drug testing kit

  • The 5 panel is single use
  • Full easy to follow instructions are included.
  • All 5 drugs are detectable with urine tests for around 3-5 days after last use
  • A multi-drug dip test to test urine for drugs
  • Remove the cap and then dip the drug test prongs into the urine sample

How to read the drug test results

  • Results appear in a couple of minutes
  • Two lines are a negative result (no drug detected in sample)
  • One line is a positive result (drug detected in sample)
  • Individual result for each drug group

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