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Rydel Seiffer medical tuning fork

  • Used to check vibration sensation
  • 130gm German steel with black vinyl base plate for assessment of peripheral neuropathy with reduction in vibration sensation
  • Adjustable frequency tuning fork between 64-128Hz
  • Rydel Seiffer tuning fork is ideal for distal vibration sensory testing in diabetics

Uses of the Rydel Seiffer Tuning fork

The Rydel Seiffer Tuning fork is using for sensory testing and in particular vibration sense testing in diabetics. Loss of vibration sensation in the feet of a diabetic is a sign of peripheral neuropathy, and can be an early warning sign of those at highest risk of diabetic foot complications.

It is also used to check for vibration sensation in other neurological conditions that cause neuropathies.