12 in 1 saliva drug test with alcohol DSD-8127

  • £13.92

Saliva drug testing kit screening for 12 common drug groups

Individual positive or negative results for the following in a single use oral drug test kit.

  1. Cannabis (detection for 8-12hrs)
  2. Synthetic Cannabinoids / K2 / Spice (detection for 24-48hrs)
  3. Cocaine (detection for 24-48hrs)
  4. Amphetamine (detection for 72hrs)
  5. Methamphetamine (detection for 72hrs)
  6. Opiates, e.g. Morphine and Heroin (detection for 7-21hrs)
  7. Methadone (detection for 4-12hrs)
  8. Buprenorphine (detection for 72hrs)
  9. Oxycodone (detection for 72hrs)
  10. Benzodiazepines (detection for 72hrs)
  11. Phencyclidine / PCP (detection for 12-24hrs)
  12. Alcohol (detection is at a 0.02% BAC limit)

Using the ALL TEST 12 in 1 saliva drug test with alcohol DSD-8127

  • Each drug has a different length of time after last use for which it will be detectable by this test. These times are given in brackets after each drug in the list.
  • The drug test is simple and easy to perform.
  • Instructions are included.
  • The collection swab must be wiped all around the mouth, gums and teeth to collect drug residues, then saturated in saliva to run all 12 elements of the single test.
  • All necessary equipment is provided.
  • Each oral drug test kit is single use.
  • The oral drug test can be performed and results obtained within 10 minutes.
  • To see our full range of oral fluid saliva drug testing kits visit UK Drug Testing

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