ALLTEST DSD-877 7 Panel Drug Saliva Test Kit

  • £7.99

Multi Drug saliva drug and alcohol test kit

This saliva drug test kit tests 6 drugs plus alcohol for:

  1. Cannabis (detection for 8-12hrs)
  2. Cocaine (detection for 24-28hrs)
  3. Amphetamine (detection for 72hrs)
  4. Opiates, e.g. Morphine and Heroin (detection for 7-21hrs)
  5. Methadone (detection for 12-24hrs)
  6. Benzodiazepines (detection for 12-24hrs)
  7. Alcohol (detection at above 0.02% BAC)
  • Each drug is detectable by this test for a different amount of time after last use.
  • The detection times are given in brackets after each drug in the list.
  • Simple and easy to use saliva drug and alcohol test kit
  • All necessary equipment included.
  • Full instructions included.
  • This combination drug test matches the UK Police Roadside Drug Test Combination, making it an ideal choice of test for fleet operators, taxi companies, haulage companies and logistics.

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