ALLTEST 8 Parameter Urine Test Strips Pack of 100

  • £7.00

ALLTEST 8 Parameter urine test strips

  • 100 urine test strips by ALLTEST for 8 parameters.
  • Tests urine for: Glucose, Ketones, Specific Gravity, Blood, pH, Protein, Nitrites & Leucocytes
  • Fast accurate and reliable urinalysis for healthcare, hospitals, clinics and self screening.
  • Ideal to screen for urinary tract infection, cystitis and diabetes
  • One urine test on each strip
  • Simple dip and read urine test 
  • Resealable pot
  • Colour comparison chart on side of pot
  • Quick and easy to use and interpret
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Long shelf life

NHS urine test strips

  • ALLTEST urine testing strips match Beyer and Siemens combination URS8 pad urine reagent testing strips
  • Can be used in auto-readers
  • Ideal healthcare and NHS combination used extensively in the UK and Europe.
  • These packs are suitable for NHS buyers and private healthcare and are also available in bulk packs in our trade and NHS section of this web site.
  • View NHS bulk ALLTEST URS8 urine test strips offer

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