£330.00 GBP

Mission URS8  8 parameter urine test strips 

  • Bulk and wholesale packs of Mission URS 8 parameter urine dipsticks
  • Offer great quality urinalysis at the point of care for NHS, clinics, GP's, health centres and health promotion kidney and liver screening.
  • A great alternative to expensive brand alternatives with all the accuracy, sensitivity and specificity of a quality CE marked professional medical diagnostic URS you would expect.
  • Mutisticks 8 parameter urine test strips are ideal for for GP's, clinic, nursing homes & hospital use
  • Each pot contains 100 urine test strips
  • Affordable quality, accuracy and specificity guaranteed
  • Each urine dipstick test strip tests for glucose, protein, pH, specific gravity, blood, ketones, nitrite, leukocytes
  •  Individual results for each parameter to international increments