Urine Testing Strips

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Urine test strips 

We have a range of urine testing strips from 10 parameter to single urine test strips for ketones, glucose and drugs. 

What are urine testing strips?

Urine testing strips also know as urinalysis strips or urine reagent test strips, are test strips that you dip in a urine sample to detect the presence of a substance that has been excreted in the urine.

What are urine testing strips used for?

Urine testing strips are used by doctors, nurses and individuals to monitor many chronic health conditions and to test urine for common diseases like cystitis and diabetes. Urine testing strips can also be used for detecting drug use and monitoring ketone levels. Urine testing strips for drugs are used to detect metabolites of drugs in urine. Urine testing strips for ketones can also be used to monitor ketone excretion in urine if you are following a low carb or keto diet.

Urine test strips how to use

To use a urine test strip you need to obtain a fresh urine sample in a clean collection cup. The cup does not need to be sterile, but it should be clean to avoid anything contaminating the urine sample, and affecting the urine test strip results. If you are using the urine test strips in a clinical setting you should wear disposable gloves to do the urine test.

Next remove a urine test strip from the pot containing the test strips and then reseal the pot immediately with the screw top lid.  Make sure the lid is on securely to avoid moisture entering the pot and being absorbed by the urine test strips. Most pots of urine test strips have a dessicant packed in the pot, to absorb any moisture that enters once the lid is removed. Make sure that you keep the desiccant pouch in the pot of urine testing strips at all times.

Next dip the urine test strip in the urine sample, so that all the pads are immersed in the urine for around 2-5 seconds. This will allow them enough time, to absorb sufficient urine, to run the reagent test. Then remove the test strip from the urine sample, and tap gently on the side of the strip to remove any excess urine, while holding it over the collection cup. 

How to read the results on the urine test strip

Next lie the urine test strip down on a flat surface, so that the coloured pads face upwards and wait for the results. The result should be read at a specific time for each parameter. The instructions are on the side of the pot telling you when to read each result. Most results will be visible within 60-90 seconds but please refer to the side of the pot for exact read times. The results are read by comparing the colour change on the pad with a colour chart supplied on the side of the urine test strips pot.

Why does it say use within 3 months on the pot of urine test strips?

Urine testing strips are very sensitive to moisture, which is why the advice on every pot of URS urine testing strips is that they should be used within 3 months of opening the pot. In practice if you always replace the lid securely on the pot immediately after removing the urine test strip , and you keep the dessicant in the pot at all times, they will probably last much longer than this. You will be able to tell if they have absorbed moisture, and are past their best by a mottled appearance to the pads before use.

How to order urine testing strips

To order urine testing strips you can either order online or contact our trade and NHS team to place an wholesale or NHS order for urine test strips. NHS purchase orders are welcome. We offer discounts for bulk and wholesale orders for urine testing strips.