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Special offer on bulk pack of professional thyroid test kits as expiry date is end of November 2022 

Pack of 10 ALLTEST Thyroid function professional test cassettes for the detection of elevated TSH levels

Smaller 10 pack option of professional thyroid test kits 

  • Each thyroid test kit screens a blood sample for TSH levels above 5mIU/ml.
  • Immediate results thyroid test kits
  • Thus able to screen for Primary Hypothyroidism.
  • The underactive thyroid test kit requires a small blood sample, which can be from finger prick.
  • Note: The equipment for obtaining a blood sample is not included with the Thyroid test kits but is available to purchase separately.
  • This is a professional medical diagnostic test kit to screen for underactive thyroid and is intended solely for use by healthcare professionals, under the supervision of doctors

ALLTEST Thyroid function professional test pack contains:

  • 10 TSH test cassettes with transfer pipettes.
  • 1 x buffer solution pack (enough to perform 10 TSH thyroid tests)
  • Instructions for completing the rapid thyroid test

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