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ALLTEST Urine Infection Test Strip UTI Test Special Offer Expiry Date End 03/24

ALLTEST Urine Infection Test Strip UTI Test Special Offer Expiry Date End 03/24

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The special offer price of £0.99 on the UTI urine infection test kit because the expiry date is the end of March 2024 

ALLTEST Cystitis test kit

The ALLTEST Cystitis test kit, part of the ALLTEST brand's range of home test kits, provides comprehensive and user-friendly screening for current urine infections. The package includes easy-to-follow instructions for conducting the test at home.

Each test kit facilitates a complete home cystitis test by allowing the screening of one urine sample for infection. The inclusion of a urine collection cup simplifies the sample collection process. This straightforward and dependable home test kit is designed for both women and men.

Results are obtained quickly and reliably within just 2 minutes. The kit contains one urine test strip that screens for four markers of urinary tract infection (UTI): red blood cells, white blood cells, protein, and nitrite in urine.

The test kit includes well-written, easy-to-follow instructions and an advice insert. This insert guides users on interpreting individual markers on the 4-pad test strip and provides instructions on what to do if the test yields a positive result.

What is a urinary tract infection ?

Urinary tract infection also known as UTI for short ,encompasses cystitis, or bladder infections, as well as kidney infections. Common symptoms may include a burning sensation during urination, increased frequency of urination, and a persistent urge to urinate. Additionally, cloudy or odorous urine may be indicative of such infections.

How do you test for UTI at home? 

The home UTI test strip assesses four parameters in your urine: white blood cells (leukocytes), red blood cells, protein, and nitrites. The presence of one or more of these indicators is typically associated with an active UTI, serving as a reliable indicator of a urinary tract infection. It is crucial to thoroughly read the instructions before conducting the UTI test at home, as the accurate procedure and timings play a pivotal role.

To perform the UTI test at home, you collect a fresh midstream urine sample in a clean cup. This entails initiating urination and then collecting the urine halfway through emptying your bladder. This precautionary measure helps prevent potential contaminants on the skin from affecting the test results.

Subsequently, you dip the test strip into the urine sample for the specified duration and lay it flat. The pads on the test strip will undergo a color change if the tested parameters are detected in the urine sample. It's essential to use a timer and adhere to the instructions to read the results for each pad on the urine test strip. Comparing the color on the pads to the color chart at the designated time allows for a straightforward interpretation of the results.

What to do if the ALLTEST UTI test strip is positive?

A positive outcome on the urine infection test strip suggests the presence of a current urinary tract infection. In such cases, customers are advised to seek medical advice promptly.

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