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EASYLIFE GCU Glucose / Cholesterol / Uric Acid / Meter

EASYLIFE GCU Glucose / Cholesterol / Uric Acid / Meter

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The Easylife combined cholesterol glucose and uric acid meter contains everything you need to start you off monitoring your blood glucose, cholesterol and uric acid levels.

3 in 1 glucose cholesterol uric acid meter

This cholesterol meter has test functions for finger prick blood testing, glucose and uric acid in addition to total cholesterol. Uric acid is elevated in Gout

Key features of the Easylife Glucose / Cholesterol / Uric Acid / meter

  • This is a complete starter pack.
  • Fast, easy and reliable to use. 
  • Individual test strips for each test type and low-cost replacement test strips.
  • 50-200 test memory. switchable display scales (mmol/l -g/dl etc)
  • CE certified for European clinical and self-test and professional use.

EASYLIFE GCU Blood Glucose /Cholesterol / Uric Acid / Meter starter pack contents:

  • Easylife Digital GCU Meter (tests blood cholesterol, glucose, uric acid.)
  • Battery
  • Instructions
  • 10 Easylife blood glucose test strips
  • 2 Easylife blood cholesterol test strips
  • 10 Easylife blood uric acid test strips
  • Lancets & lancing device.

Watch Easylife Meter Demo, Setup and Test Procedure

Customer reviews of the Easylife 3 in 1 meter for glucose, cholesterol and uric acid

I purchased a  3 in 1 meter recently to keep a check on my blood sugar and cholesterol levels. So easy to use and happy to say recent lifestyle changes seem to be working as levels are now much lower. Intend to purchase these test strips (including Uric Acid) regularly to ensure my levels stay in range.

JR 21/10/22

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