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Cheap price on these ovulation test strips as the expiry date is end of August 2022

ALLTEST ovulation test strips eco-friendly

ALLTEST 25mIU ultra sensitive ovulation strips are eco friendly as there is far less packaging than most ovulation tests and they do need need a battery. The ovulation test strips are easy and quick to use, and are ideal for professional or home use.

Key features about the ALLTEST ovulation tests

  • 99.7% accurate ovulation tests
  • Each pot contains 25 x ALLTEST ovulation test strips and a dessicant pack (absorbs moisture)
  • Each ovulation test strip has a 25mIU sensitivity for LH, meaning that it can detect the LH surge early on during ovulation.
  • Each box comes with full instructions for using the ovulation strips in English
  • Professional ovulation test strips manufactured by ALLTEST
  • ALLTEST Product code FLH-U111 

How to use the ovulation test strips:

  • Always read the instructions supplied before carrying out the ovulation test for the first time.
  • Collect a urine sample in a clean container (the container does not need to be sterile)
  • Remove an ovulation test strip from the pot, and replace the lid securely straight away to keep the remainder of the ovulation test strips dry.
  • Dip the ovulation strip in the urine sample for a few seconds, and allow it to absorb the urine.
  • Lay the ovulation test strip flat on a dry surface.

How to read the ovulation test strip results

  • The ovulation test strip results can then be read after a couple of minutes.
  • A positive ovulation test strips is shown in the second strip below.
  • For the ovulation test to be positive the test line must be darker than or as dark as the control line.
  • If just the control line appears this is a negative ovulation test result ie ovulation not imminent
  • If no lines appear on the ovulation test strip (rare) this is an invalid result and means that either the ovulation test strip has not absorbed enough urine, or the test strip is faulty. If this happens the ovulation strip should be simply dipped in the urine sample for longer, and if this does not remedy the situation a new test strip should be used.
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