£1.99 GBP

Step counter pedometer

  • This small Pedometer attaches to a belt and accurately counts steps.
  • Sturdy clip on back of step tracker easily clips onto  your belt
  • The pedometer cover prevents accidental resetting of the device.
  • Small and discreet silver coloured plastic step counter
  • Ideal for monitoring how active you are
  • Simple and easy to operate pedometer
  • Clinical studies have shown that by keeping track of how much you walk it can help to motivate you to walk more, and become more active and fitter.

Pedometer screen displays

  • Step Count
  • Distance Walked
  • Calories Burnt.

How many steps  a day should you aim for 

  • When you first start to use the step counter we recommend that you just wear it and see what is your average daily number of steps for the first couple of days or even the first week.
  • This will give you an idea of where you are at currently ie your baseline daily steps
  • Your baseline steps a day level will depend on how active you currently are
  • Any increase on this number of steps is an improvement
  • Experts are quoted as recommending that we aim for 10,000 steps a day but this figure was not based on any scientific research and was probably just plucked out of the air, by a marketing agency. 
  • Look at your baseline daily steps
  • If this is currently very low then just aim to increase it maybe by 1000 steps a day, gradually until you get to around 10,000
  • You may decide to aim higher than 10,000 steps a day if you are already active
  • Keep your step goals achievable, and increase them gradually, and then they are more likely to motivate you, and then they will quickly become daily habits
  • Avoid setting too high a step goal if you are unlikely to be able to maintain it, as this can de-motivate you
  • Remember what you are trying to achieve, is to improve your health by walking more, and making it a daily habit.