Wholesale MDK Ketone Urine Test Strips 100 Pack of 100

  • £289.00

100 retail packs of the MDK urine ketone test strips designed for ketosis diets. 

  • Measure the ketones in urine quickly and easily
  • Medicon ketosis detection test strips show ketone levels in urine 0-16mmol/L
  • One single use urine ketone dip test for measuring ketones on each strip.
  • 100 ketone urine test strips in each re-sealable pot
  • Manufactured by Medicon with long expiry dates.
  • Suitable ketone tests for self testing for those on keto diets
  • Shows if you are in ketosis.
  • Accurate enough for professional healthcare use.

How to use the MDK ketone test strips

  • Open the pot and then replace the lid to prevent excess moisture entering
  • Obtain a urine sample for testing
  • Simply dip the MDK ketone test strip into the urine sample
  • Lay test strip flat and then read results.
  • Simple colour comparison chart on the side of each container shows the ketone levels in the urine

 Please note: Use the keto sticks within 3 months of opening pot for best results.

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