£139.00 GBP

Vansful URS-1K 100 strip urine ketone testing strips

  • Boxed packs of Vansful ketone urine test strips
  • Manufactured specifically for Ketosis screening    
  • Each pot contains 100 ketone test strips for urine

Each pack Vansful ketone tests contains

  • Urine dipstick test strips for ketones
  • Easy to use Ketosis detection test strips
  • One test on each strip
  • 100 ketone test strips in each re-sealable pot 
  • Screen for Ketones with these simple to use urine Ketone test strips
  • Quick and easy to interpret results
  • Simple colour comparison chart on side of each pot 
  • Full set of manufacturers instructions with each pack
  • Suitable for self testing or professional use
  • Used by Type 1 diabetics and those on ketotic diets 
  • Long shelf life