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Can I check my vitamin D levels at home

Can I get a vitamin D home test kit

Yes, rapid vitamin D home or self-test kits are now available. The new Vitamin D rapid test allows results in under 10-minutes with no waiting for laboratory processing. The sample is taken using a simple finger prick of blood and added to the test cassette with some buffer solution. The vitamin D test then runs itself and you read the results at the specified time. 

vitamin d home test kit UK

Should I test my vitamin d levels?

Population studies have demonstrated that many adults in the UK have low levels of vitamin d, especially over the winter months. Also many ethnic groups have very low or deficient levels of vitamin d and would especially benefit from testing. Unfortunately accessing vitamin d testing through the NHS is difficult, so a home rapid test is an ideal way to screen for vitamin d deficiency or insufficiency problems.

How much does it cost to get a home vitamin D blood test?

Under £10 for a home vitamin d test kit and cheaper if you buy multiple vitamin d test kits to test the whole family. Each home test kit pack contains everything you need to complete a home test for vitamin D levels on your blood. Each test can only be used once.

Laboratory vitamin d tests are available and cost around £30-£40

How accurate are Home Vitamin d home tests?

Rapid home vitamin d test kits do not give you the exact level of vitamin d, instead you get an indication of the level present in relation to what adult humans normal levels should be.

A rapid 10-minute blood test result will indicate if your Vitamin D levels are Deficient, Insufficient or Sufficient (normal)

Results of vitamin d home test

  • Deficient indicates very low levels of vitamin d, which should be addressed.
  • Insufficient indicates lower than optimal levels, you will benefit from more vitamin d.
  • Sufficient result indicates normal adult vitamin d levels, continue with what you are doing, its working as far as vitamin d is concerned.
  • Rapid vitamin d tests do not have an ability to indicate abnormally high or toxic vitamin d levels. If you are concerned you may have abnormally high vitamin d levels you will need a laboratory vitamin d test to quantify this concern.

How can I raise my vitamin D levels quickly?

Vitamin d levels can be raised quite quickly by eating a balanced diet or taking vitamin d supplements. Supplements are an easy, cheap and fast way of building vitamin d levels, especially if your diet is restricted or you are vegan. If you take supplements follow the manufacturers guidance on dosage.

vitamin d test UK sunshine vitamin

In the summer months in the UK we can raise our vitamin d levels naturally by exposure to sunshine on our skin

How long will it take for my vitamin d level to increase?

It will take 2-6 weeks for your vitamin d levels to increase measurably. There is little point in testing again until you have increased you vitamin d for a couple of months.

Bulk professional packs of vitamin d test kits are also available 

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