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Valuemed.co.uk is a trading division of Access Diagnostic Tests UK Limited. Based in Norfolk, 10 miles north of Norwich, all our stock is shipped from warehoused supplies in the UK. 

Wholesale & NHS medical supplies online catalogue

NHS Purchasing Information for buyers from Valuemed.co.uk

We offer the following:

  • Quick turnaround next day delivery available on most products.
  • Large central UK distribution facility.
  • High-quality medical products
  • Long shelf life on test kits
  • CE approved medical equipment and diagnostic biotechnology
  • TUV & GMP certified production facilities

Ways to order for NHS purchasing

Telephone 01263 731 168

Wholesale enquiries 8.30 am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday

Ordering by purchase order by post or e-procurement

Official purchase orders on standard 30-day credit terms are accepted from the following agencies:

  • NHS Trusts, PCT's Foundation Trusts,
  • GP surgeries and other aligned agencies
  • Clinics & occupational health companies
  • Drug treatment agencies
  • Universities, colleges, and schools, education authorities
  • Councils
  • Police authorities
  • Railway & construction companies
  • Prisons & prison service
  • Large and medium sized charities
  • Established recruitment agencies (subject to satisfactory credit rating )

Trade & NHS e-mail


Address for purchase orders & payments

Access Diagnostic Tests UK Ltd
Unit 19 Shepheards Close, 
Aylsham Business Estate
NR11 6SZ

Wholesale Stethoscopes

We have a range of stethoscopes to suit all budgets and requirements. Please e-mail or telephone us with your wholesale stethoscope requirements
Wholesale stethoscopes available to buy online

Wholesale Drug Testing Kits

We have an extensive range of drug testing kits available in wholesale volumes. Please e-mail or telephone us with your wholesale requirements so that we can quote for you.
Wholesale Drug Testing Kits

Wholesale Urine Testing Strips URS

We have an extensive range of professional URS test strips in all parameters from several trusted manufacturers. Please e-mail or telephone us with your wholesale requirements
Wholesale urine test strips URS available to buy online or by purchase order

Wholesale Pregnancy Tests

We have an extensive range of professional & home early pregnancy test kits in 10 mIU and 25mIU hcg sensitivity. Please e-mail or telephone us with your wholesale requirements
Wholesale pregnancy test strips and cassettes

Wholesale home health screening self test kits

A range of self testing kits to screen for health issues including under active Thyroid, raised cholesterol, H Pylori, Ferritin levels, ph test strips for saliva and vaginal ph and FOB Faecal Occult Blood test kits.

Wholesale pharmacy supply home self-test kits

Wholesale Medical Supplies

Valuemed Medical Supplies have an extensive wholesale price list available on request to trade & NHS customers. Please contact us if you require a wholesale quote on any of our stock items. If it is an item we do not stock you may be able to find it via one of the links below.

Wholesale Medical Supplies Sites

Contact us e-mail trade@adtuk.co.uk

ADTUK Wholesale Medical Supplies & Testing Kits

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Wholesale Drug Testing Kits & Supplies

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Wholesale Disposable Breathalyser Kits

Buy disposable breathalyser wholesale

Wholesale Alcohol Test Strips

Buy Alcohol Test Strips Wholesale

Wholesale Pregnancy & Ovulation Tests

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