Tuning Forks

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Tuning forks and tuning fork sets for sale

We have a range of tuning forks for sale in UK. Our selection of medical tuning forks offers multiple types of tuning fork and different frequencies of tuning forks. We also have sound therapy tuning fork sets for sale. 

You can buy an individual medical tuning fork or a complete tuning fork set online. We also accept NHS purchase orders for tuning forks and tuning fork sets. Please send NHS purchase orders for medical tuning forks to trade@adtuk.co.uk

Tuning forks available for sale online

  • Hooped medical tuning fork
  • Lucae tuning fork
  • Gardiner Brown medical tuning fork
  • Rydel Seiffer adjustable frequency medical tuning forks
  • Hartmann tuning fork
  • Hartmann tuning fork set
  • Koening tuning fork
  • Gardiner brown tuning fork set
  • Medical tuning fork sets.
  • Hartmann aluminium sound therapy tuning fork set
  • Footed hartmann tuning fork set

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