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ALLTEST ETG 80Hr Urine Alcohol Test Strips

ALLTEST ETG 80Hr Urine Alcohol Test Strips

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ETG test strips

ALLTEST ETG urine alcohol test strip kits allow effective zero-tolerance alcohol screening with a easy and accurate twice-weekly urine test.

What is an ETG test?

An ETG (Ethyl Glucuronide) test is a type of alcohol test that can detect the presence of ethanol (alcohol) in a person's system. Unlike traditional alcohol tests, such as a breathalyser test, which only detect the immediate presence of alcohol in a person's breath, EtG tests can detect alcohol consumption over a longer period of time, up to 80 hours after the last drink.

ETG tests are often used in legal and professional settings, such as in probation and parole programs, workplace testing, and child custody cases, where alcohol use may be prohibited or restricted. They can be easily performed on urine. The ETG test is highly sensitive, and even small amounts of alcohol can be detected, making it a reliable way to monitor alcohol consumption.

How do ETG test strips detect alcohol use:

ETG ethyl Glucuronide is a metabolite of alcohol which is formed by the body following consumption of ethanol. 

How long after alcohol has been consumed can the ETG test strip detect it?

ETG detection in urine is up to 3 days, long after ethanol has been cleared. ETG urine test kits can be used to detect alcohol consumption for up to 3 days ( 72 hours ) after consumption of alcohol which is why the ETG test is sometimes referred to as 80-hour alcohol test

Key features of the ETG test strips:

  • ETG test strip sensitivity 500ng/ml in urine
  • Individually foil wrapped urine test strips for ETG
  • Quick and easy to use ETG test to detect if someone has drunk alcohol in the last 3 days
  • Full easy to follow instructions sent with every ETG drug test order.
  • 99% accuracy ETG test
  • Certified quality: CE, FDA, TUV, GMP, ISO ETG ETG test strips.
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