Home Drug Testing Kits

Home drug test kits for sale

Quick, accurate and easy to use this selection of ALLTEST drug test kits have been carefully chosen as they are all very reliable and make ideal home drug tests. Choose from single urine drug test strips or multi-panel urine drug testing kits suitable for use at home. 

Types of home drug test kits

  • Drug test strips.-cheapest and simplest type of home drug testing kit to test for just one drug. Simply dip the test strip in the urine sample and then read result after a couple of minutes. Ultra sensitive drug test strips available for Cocaine COC and Cannabis THC 
  • Multi drug testing kits-quick and easy way to test a urine sample for multiple drugs at once, and very easy drug test to use at home. Multi-panel drug testing kits are very reliable, easy to use and a great value for money choice of home drug test. You will need to collection the urine sample in a clean container, as the container is not provided with this type of drug test kit, or you can buy urine collection cups here.
  • Surface home drug tests also available for powder or residue identification
  • Cup drug testing kits-test for between 10 and 16 drugs on one urine sample and everything you need is included. The drug test is built into the collection cup. The 16 panel urine drug test cup is the ultimate home drug testing kit. They make ideal drug testing kits for parents who may wish to screen for a broad range of drugs.

If you would like any advice on home drug testing, please contact our customer support team during office hours, and they will be happy to help.