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Wholesale blood lancets and lancing devices

Mission On Call brand lancets and lancing devices at wholesale price. Bulks packs of lancets to buy online or contact us to set up a trade account. If you are looking for lancets and lancing devices in smaller volumes they are available to buy through this website here Buy lancets and auto lancing devices

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What are lancets and how do you to use them?

A lancet is a small, sharp needle primarily used to prick the skin and draw blood, playing a crucial role in diabetes management by facilitating blood glucose monitoring.

Beyond diabetes care, lancets are also utilised for other medical purposes, such as collecting blood samples for various tests including home cholesterol tests, haemoglobin tests and uric acid tests. These devices are designed for single use and must be disposed of safely in a sharps bin to prevent injury and contamination. Even after use, lancets retain their sharpness and pose a risk of infection if not properly discarded.