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ALL TEST Drink Spike Drug Test Strips

ALL TEST Drink Spike Drug Test Strips

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The ALL TEST Drink Spike Detector Test Strips are fast and reliable test strips to test your drink for drugs. These drink spike testing strips allow for quick and easy testing for various drugs with a simple dip of the strip into the drink. Results are 99% accurate and can be read within 5 minutes. Testing for multiple drugs can be done quickly and efficiently with these drug test strips.

Drink Spiking test strips available 

  • BZO Benzodiazepines including Rohypnol
  • KET ketamine
  • GHB Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Acid 
  • PCP Phencyclidine (slang name Angel dust)

Key points about the drink spiking detection test strips:

  • Very quick and easy to use-simply dip test strips in drink 
  • Results within 5 minutes.
  • Full instructions included.
  • Each test strip is individually wrapped in a foil outer.
  • Each test strip is single use.
  • Drink spike test strips are manufactured by ALL TEST

How to minimise the risk of drink spiking occuring

Drink spiking refers to the act of someone adding alcohol or drugs to another person's beverage or body without their consent or awareness. Ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment when you go out is paramount to reduce the risk of this occurring, and there are precautions you and your friends can take to reduce the risk of drink spiking while prioritising your safety and that of others.

  1. Always keep a watchful eye on your friends, and ensure everyone looks out for each other.
  2. Never leave your drink unattended at any time, and encourage your friends to do the same.
  3. Exercise caution when someone offers to buy or give you a drink; it's advisable to only accept drinks from individuals you know and trust.
  4. Stay alert if you notice people reaching over or near your drinks.
  5. Immediately notify the venue staff if you observe anyone behaving suspiciously around your or someone else's drink.
  6. In case you or a friend feels unwell, seek assistance from the staff or call an ambulance without delay.
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