Collection: Breathalyser Sensors

Replacement Breathalyser Sensors

Replacement breathalyser sensors are available in stock in UK for the following digital breathalysers:

Replacement Sensor modules for digital breathalysers extend the life of the breathalyser

Our replacement sensor modules for digital breathalysers offer a simple and hassle-free solution for ensuring the continued accuracy of your device. Each sensor is designed to work exclusively with the corresponding breathalyser model, making the replacement process quick and user-friendly.

Why Is It Important to Replace Your Breathalyser Sensor Regularly?

Regularly changing your breathalyser sensor with a new factory-calibrated module is crucial to maintain the precision and reliability of your breathalyser device. Over time, sensor performance can decline, leading to inaccurate readings. By replacing the sensor, you can ensure that your breathalyser continues to deliver precise results.

How Often Should You Change the Breathalyser Sensor?

For optimal accuracy, we recommend changing the breathalyser sensor at least once every 12 months. However, if you frequently conduct breath alcohol testing, it may be necessary to replace the sensor more frequently to uphold the device's performance and accuracy.

How easy is it to change a breathalyser sensor?

Changing the sensor on both the AL7000 breathalyser and the Alcodigital Platinum breathalyser is very simple and easy. You do not require any special tools to change the sensor, and the old sensor should come out easily and the new sensor clip in. This is one of the reasons these two models of breathalyser are popular.

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