Collection: Multi Panel Urine Drug Test Kit

Multi drug screen test panel 

Instant multi drug test panel urine drug test kits that are quick, easy and accurate to use at home. 

Multi panel urine drug testing kits available:

  • 10 panel drug test kit screens for 10 drugs
  • 7 panel drug test kit  screens for 7 drugs
  • 5 panel drug test kits  screens for 5 drugs

How does a multi-panel urine drug test work

The multi drug test panel kit is very quick and easy to use:

  • It is advisable to use a timer, the one on your phone is fine.
  • Read the instructions supplied with the multi panel drug test kit and keep them handy in case you need to refer to them
  • Collect a urine sample in a clean container
  • Remove the multi drug test panel from foil pouch
  • Remove cap that is covering the prongs of the drug test panel
  • Dip the prongs of the multi drug test panel into the urine sample and allow them to absorb the urine for several seconds.
  • Lie the drug test panel flat on a clean dry surface and allow the urine to pass up the prongs into the test card. As this happens you will start to see the lines appear. One is marked C control line and one is marked T. 

How to read the result on a multi drug test panel

  • The result will usually appear in the windows on the multi drug test panel within a couple of minutes provide the multi -panel urine drug test kit has absorbed enough urine.
  • Each drug result will appear in a different window and the code for the drug is printed on the drug test panel next to the corresponding window.
  • You should always see a C line. This indicates the multi-panel urine drug test kit has absorbed enough urine through the prongs. If no C line appears within the specified time you will need to dip it in the urine for longer.
  • A T line appears if no drug is detected. This often confuses customers who are not used to using drug test kits, as this is the opposite to what they expect.
  • The absence of any T line in the presence of a C line is a non negative drug test and indicates that a drug has been taken.  If no T line appears wait the full time indicated on the instructions, but after that the result should be regarding as non negative.

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