CA125 ovarian cancer marker tests

CA125 Ovarian cancer rapid test cassette 10 test pack

  • £47.98

CA125 is the most widely used biomarker for Ovarian Cancer diagnosis.

ALLTEST CA125 test cassettes for venous whole blood, serum and plasma allow instant onsite identification of elevated CA125 levels of 40U/ml and over as a marker of Ovaraian Cancer Disease.

  • Pack of 10 test kits with 1 buffer and 1 data sheet instruction.
  • Professional CA125 Rapid Test for GP's Health Screening and Hospitals
  • The CA125 Rapid Test Device detects CA125 at 40U/ml and over in human blood samples providing on-site results in 10 minutes
  • Each kit contains everything needed for a complete test - GP surgeries, clinics, laboratories (Professional Use)
  • Packs suitable for venous whole blood samples stored using standard anti-coagulants. Tests suitable for capillary blood samples but no 75u/l transfer tubes are provided.
  • The ALLTEST CA125 rapid test can detect as low as 40U/ml
  • Over 97.4% overall accuracy

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