Collection: Nicotine Test Kits

Cotinine test kits for urine or saliva

Cotinine is the metabolite of Nicotine, so is a very reliable and accurate nicotine test.

Key features of the Nicotine test kits

  • Detect nicotine use by measuring Cotinine levels in urine or saliva
  • Cotinine can be detected in urine for longer than saliva
  • Cotinine is a by product of Nicotine and can be detected in urine for up to 5 days after last use.
  • Easy to use accurate Cotinine test kits to detect all types of nicotine use, including smoking.

Nicotine sources detected with these Cotinine test kits include: 

  • All forms of tobacco 
  • Vapes and vaping which contain nicotine
  • Nicotine patches
  • Nicotine gum

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