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Helicobacter Pylori (H Pylori) Stomach Ulcer Home H Pylori test kit.

  • This easy to use H Pylori test kit allows you to perform a H Pylori test at home
  • No blood required works with a faeces sample.
  • Suitable for home testing for H Pylori
  • All the essential equipment is provided to use the home H Pylori test kit, along with detailed instructions.
  • The H Pylori test kit detects Helicobacter Pylori antigens in stool and can thus tell you whether H Pylori is currently present within the stomach.
  • Customers who obtain a positive result and suffer with symptoms of chronic gastritis, stomach ulcer or peptic ulcers, should seek medical advice.
  • Note: H Pylori is a common stomach commensal. Hence if you are asymptomatic and obtain a positive result, it is not an issue.
  • The home H Pylori test kit is single use.