Collection: Ketone Tests

Ketone tests for urine and blood and breath

Here is our full range of ketone tests. The blood ketone test strips require the appropriate blood ketone meter in order to be used. We have some free blood ketone meter offers currently.

Which are the best ketone tests blood, urine or breath?

  • Blood ketone tests are the most accurate and reliable if you wish to closely monitor your ketone levels, but they do require a finger prick blood test.
  • Urine ketones are very easy and reliable to do  if you do not want to use blood but they are not as accurate as a blood ketone test.
  • Breath ketone tests are the easiest to do as they do not require a blood sample or a urine sample, but they are much less reliable than a blood test and are the least accurate of the three methods for testing for ketones. The results with a breath ketone meter can vary enormously depending on your blow technique, so they do not give reliable results and should only be used to answer the question Am I in ketosis? Yes or no and in our experience the breath ketone meter readings should be taken with a pinch of salt as they vary so widely.

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