Ovulation Test Strips

Ovulation strips

What are ovulation test strips

Ovulation test strips are a type of ovulation test that measure the level of LH hormone in urine . LH is the hormone that triggers ovulation (the release of an egg from the ovary ) and LH levels are elevated just prior to ovulation, and LH can be detected in urine. The LH level in the urine can be measured quickly and easily using ovulation strips and is a good predictor that ovulation is about to occur.

Why use ovulation strips

Simple dip and read LH ovulation test strips, are just as accurate as more expensive brands of ovulation predictor kits, but as there is less packaging, they are a simpler ovulation test to manufacture making them a lot cheaper to buy, as well as being an eco-friendly ovulation test. 

Types of ovulation tests available for sale:

  • Ovulation tests strips in boxes of 40. Each ovulation test is individually foil wrapped with long expiry dates.
  • Ovulation test strips in pots each containing 25 ovulation strips

Free UK 2nd class delivery on all ovulation tests when you spend over £20 

Ovulation tests for sale

Packed in bulk professional packs our ovulation tests are ideal for for NHS, GP, healthcare , doctors, nurses, fertility practitioners, clinics , clinical research and home use. They can be ordered online or by NHS purchase order. 

Free delivery on ovulation tests

  • Free UK 2nd class delivery on all ovulation tests when you spend over £20 online. 
  • Free UK next business day courier delivery when you spend over £150 on ovulation tests

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