Easylife Meter Videos

Instructional videos for the Easylife blood cholesterol, haemoglobin, uric acid and glucose meters

We hope you find these instructional videos for the Easylife meters helpful. If you have any questions please pop them in comments on the video or if the question is related to a meter that you have purchased from us, feel free to contact our customer support team via website chat, email or telephone during our office hours.

    EasyLife Plus Glucose Cholesterol & Haemoglobin Triple Meter video

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    Easylife Haemoglobin Single Meter.

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    EasyLife Glucose Cholesterol & Uric Acid Triple Meter video

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    Who made these easylife Meter videos

    These Easylife Meter Videos are a set of instructional and promotional videos produced by Valuemed, a company known for its diverse range of medical testing products aimed at empowering individuals and clinicians to improve and manage chronic metabolic health conditions,

    These instructional videos specifically focus on the Easylife Meter range, a product designed to help users monitor their blood cholesterol, glucose , uric acid and haemoglobin levels at home.

    Key Aspects of our Easylife Meter videos:

    Easylife meter product demonstration:

    The videos typically include detailed demonstrations of how to use the Easylife Meters. They guide users through the setup process, explain how obtain a blood sample to take accurate meter readings, and show how to interpret the results displayed by the device. 

    Accessibility and UK customer support:

    The videos often highlight the customer support available for the Easylife Meter, including contact information for further assistance and links to other online resources. This is crucial for ensuring that users can get help if they encounter any issues with the device.

    Examples of Easylife Meter videos available:

    • Unboxing and setup:Videos that show what’s included in the package, how to set up the device, and initial calibration if required.
    • How to use the Easylife meter: Detailed video guides made by our medical director Dr Mike Garside on how to take a reading, including positioning the cuff correctly and understanding the readings.
    • Maintenance and troubleshooting: Instructions on how to maintain the meter for accurate readings and common troubleshooting tips for issues like error messages or battery replacements.
    • Educational content: Some of opur videos may provide background information on health, explaining why monitoring blood cholesterol, uric acid, haemoglobin and glucose levels is important and how to interpret different readings.

    Benefits of watching the Valuemed Easylife Meter videos:

    • Enhanced understanding: Visual demonstrations can make it easier to understand how to use the Easylife meter compared to just reading a manual.
    • Confidence in usage: Seeing a step-by-step guide can boost your confidence in using the device correctly and interpreting the results.
    • Support and troubleshooting: Videos can be a quick way to resolve common issues without needing to contact our customer support team.

    Where to find more Easylife meter videos:

    • Our Website: We have embedded our Easylife meter videos into each product pages and product support sections of our website.
    • YouTube: We have lots of Easylife meter instructional videos on our Valuemed YouTube channel.

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