Professional Diagnostic Tests

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Professional medical disease diagnostic test kits

  • Large range of instant disease screening test kits for professional medical use only
  • Positive or negative results in 10 minutes on-site.
  • Professional medical diagnostic test kit intended solely for use by healthcare professionals under the supervision of doctors
  • IMO Infectious Mononucleosis test kits
  • HBA1C pre-diabetes screening test kits
  • Vitamin D level test kits
  • H Pylori Antigen stomach ulcer test kits
  • H Pylori Antibody test kits
  • D Dimer test kits
  • Tuberculosis test kits
  • Syphilis test kits
  • Strep A throat infection test kits
  • Strep B vaginal infection test kits
  • FOB & transferrin bowel cancer screens
  • TSH thyroid disease screening test kits
  • PSA prostate specific antigen test kits
  • Calprotectin and Lactoferin screening tests
  • Cancer marker tests for CA125 Ovarian, CA153 Breast and CA199 pancreatic test kits
  • Campylobacter infection test kits

Corona virus

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