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Professional medical disease diagnostic test kits

Professional disease diagnostic test kits are medical devices that are designed to help diagnose specific diseases or conditions quickly and easily. These kits are typically designed for use in a clinical or laboratory setting, and they can be used by healthcare professionals or trained individuals.

Rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs): These tests are designed to provide quick results and can be used to diagnose infectious diseases such as COVID-19. They typically use a simple device, such as a lateral flow test, and can provide results in minutes.

We stock a large range of rapid diagnostic tests and instant disease screening test kits for professional medical use only. The professional medical diagnostic test kits are intended solely for use by healthcare professionals under the supervision of doctors They give positive or negative results in 10 minutes on-site.

It is important to note that professional disease diagnostic test kits should only be used by trained healthcare professionals with appropriate laboratory equipment and under appropriate medical supervision. False positive or negative results can occur, and follow-up testing may be necessary to confirm a diagnosis.

Rapid diagnosis test kits available:

  • Campylobacter infection test kits
  • Cancer marker tests for CA125 Ovarian, CA153 Breast and CA199 pancreatic test kits
  • Candida Albicans Thrush test kits
  • Calprotectin and Lactoferrin screening tests
  • Covid 19 antigen and antibody test kits
  • D Dimer test kits
  • FOB & transferrin bowel cancer screens
  • HBA1C pre-diabetes screening test kits
  • Hepatitis C antibody test
  • Hepatitis B antigen test
  • H Pylori Antigen stomach ulcer test kits
  • H Pylori Antibody test kits
  • IMO Infectious Mononucleosis test kits
  • PSA prostate specific antigen test kits
  • Syphilis test kits
  • Strep A throat infection test kits
  • Strep B vaginal infection test kits
  • TSH thyroid disease screening test kits
  • Tuberculosis test kits
  • Vitamin D level test kits

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