Collection: Blood Ketone Meters

Blood ketone meter and blood ketone meter test strips

A blood ketone meter is a medical meter that measures your blood ketone levels using ketone test strips. The blood ketone meter works with a finger prick blood sample, which is obtained using a lancet or lancing device.

A blood ketone meter is used by diabetics and by people on ketogenic diets where they want to monitor their ketone levels to see if they are in ketosis. 

Blood ketone meter accuracy 

Using a blood ketone meter is the most accurate way to monitor blood ketone levels. They are more accurate than urine ketone test strips or breath ketone meters at detecting ketosis but you are required to obtain a blood sample so you may find a combination of urine and blood ketone tests works best for you.

Choose from a combined blood glucose and ketone meter or just a blood ketone meter:

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