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Rapid Vitamin D Test Kit

    We have vitamin d test kits available either as a single home vitamin d test kit for self testing or in bulk professional packs of 10 vitamin d test kits for vitamin D testing.

    The Vitamin D home test kit is for self testing, and contains everything you need to carry out the vitamin d level test at home, and the professional Vitamin D test kits are supplied in bulk clinic packs, each containing 10 test cassettes and one buffer solution. 

    A lancet is supplied in the self testing Vitamin D home test kit, but not in the bulk pack of 10 vitamin d test kits in the clinic packs. If you are buying the professional packs of Vitamin D test kits you will need to also purchase lancets.

    The vitamin D test kit indicates whether the Vitamin D levels are:

    • Deficient
    • Insufficient
    • Sufficient (normal)

    What is Vitamin D?

    Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, that the body makes in the skin, in response to sunshine on the skin. Vitamin D is essential for the development and maintenance of healthy bones, as it is required for the absorption of calcium in the diet.

    Low levels of vitamin D are associated with many bone problems, including Rickets, and Osteomalacia and may also be associated with many other medical conditions, including a reduced immune response to seasonal respiratory diseases including Covid-19. 

    Between October and early March in the UK, we do not make enough vitamin D from sunlight alone, and the UK government advice is that everyone in the UK, should consider taking a daily vitamin D supplement, during the autumn and winter.


    Who is most at risk of vitamin D deficiency in the UK?

    • People who are not outdoors in the summer months including frail and elderly people.
    • People in institutions including nursing and care homes, prisons and hospitals
    • People whose clothing covers up most of their skin even when they are outdoors in summer
    • People with darker skin for example African, African-Caribbean or south Asian background. If you have darker skin your skin is less able to make vitamin D in the UK than those with paler skins.

    Wholesale vitamin d home test kits 

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