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Test and Drive is a disposable breathalyser engineered for the precise measurement of blood alcohol content via breath samples. It boasts a sensitivity capable of detecting blood alcohol content levels as minimal as 0.2 g/L (grams per liter).

For comprehensive insights into drink driving, we recommend consulting the official UK government website or accessing information provided by Drinkaware.

Our single-use disposable breathalysers are easy to use, and provide results within minutes. They are individually packaged, making them perfect for carrying in your pocket, purse, or car. We also offer bulk purchase options for event organizers, bars, and restaurants who want to promote responsible drinking and ensure the safety of their guests. A benefit of using a Test And Drive breathalyser kit is that it can help prevent drivers from getting behind the wheel if they are over the legal limit. This can help reduce the number of accidents caused by drunk driving and save lives.

The Test And Drive breathalyser kits work by using a chemical reaction to detect the presence of alcohol in the user's breath. The user simply blows into the device, and the results are displayed within seconds. The kits are designed to be easy to use, making them ideal for individuals who want a simple and effective way to test their BAC.

Test and drive breathalyser kits are also convenient and portable, making them ideal for individuals who want to test their BAC while on the go. They can be easily stored in a purse, or backpack, and they are ready to use whenever needed.

Key points about the Test and Drive breathalyser kits

  • Each test kit is single use only
  • Test and Drive multi-level single use disposable alcohol breathalyser kits are a chemical breathalyser
  • Multi-level breathalyser kit with four possible results: 0.0%o, 0.2%o, 0.5%o and 0.8%o.
  • The disposable breathalysers are available in single packs, a twin pack and a bulk pack of 30.

What do the different levels on the Test And Drive Breathalyser mean?

  • 0.2%o is the HSE limit.
  • 0.5%o is the Scottish and French Driving Limit and
  • 0.8%o is the English/ Welsh/ Northern Ireland Driving Limit.

How to use the Test and Drive Breathalyser Kits

Step 1: Prior to conducting the breathalyser test you must ensure a minimum elapsed time of 15 minutes since the last consumption of alcohol. Abstain from smoking in advance of the test to maintain the accuracy of the breathalyser kit.

Step 2: Activation of the breathalyser device: To initiate the test process pierce the protective foil. This is accomplished by firmly pressing the protective caps inward on both sides of the breathalyser until a tactile click is felt.

Step 3: Conducting the breath alcohol test: Inhale deeply and exhale into the mouthpiece in alignment with the directional arrows on the Test and Drive breathalyser kit. Exhalation should occur twice, each lasting approximately 10 seconds. Ensure continuous exhalation and verify airflow through the other side of the breathalyser. Should airflow be obstructed, repeat all preceding steps starting from Step 2.

Step 4: Result Interpretation: Refer to the colour scale chart affixed to the side of the breathalyser between 2 to 4 minutes post-test for result comparison. Avoid interpreting results beyond the 4-minute mark.

Step 5: Outcome Assessment: If you observe a colour change in the inner tube's crystals, from their initial white state, this indicates the presence of alcohol on the breath sample. Under such circumstances, it is imperative that the individual refrain from operating machinery or driving vehicles. An indication of the Blood alcohol content in grams per liter (g/L) can be approximated by cross-referencing the result with the provided colour chart. It should be noted that uniform colouration may not occur, and residual white areas may persist despite alcohol influence.

Wholesale alcohol breathalayser test kits

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