Collection: Medical Meters And Test Strips

Medical meters, test strips and lancets for home and professional use

Choose from our selection of accurate easy to use medical meters, test strips and lancets for monitoring the following:

  • Blood cholesterol level meters and test strips
  • Blood glucose meters and test strips
  • Blood ketone meters and test strips
  • Breath ketone meter
  • Haemoglobin meters and test strips
  • Blood uric acid level meters and test strips
  • Combined blood glucose/ cholesterol/ uric acid meter
  • Combined blood glucose / cholesterol / haemoglobin Meter 

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Can you give me any tips on obtaining the finger prick blood sample?

Obtaining a good finger prick blood sample is crucial to getting accurate results with any home blood test. We have created a video for each product which shows a great demonstration of exactly how you should be using the lancets and test provided, and the prep needed to perfuse the fingers.

We have put together our top tips on performing a finger prick blood test to help you here

Can you use a lancet without an auto lancing device?

A lancet can be used alone or with a lancing device. Many people find it easier to obtain a finger prick blood sample if they use the lancet in a lancing device.

Most of our meters are supplied with starter packs of lancets and some with safety lancets. We suggest you continue to use the same lancets recommended by the manufacturer if possible. If you are struggling to get adequate samples move to a thicker lance, ie 21g is thicker than 28g or 30g (the thinnest)