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A tourniquet is the name of a type of medical equipment that is used to stop blood flow. A tourniquet works by compressing the blood vessels in a limb or extremity. It is typically made of a band or strap that is tightly wrapped around the affected area, such as an arm or leg, and tightened with a mechanism, such as a buckle or a windlass.

Tourniquets are widely used by phlebotomists and doctors to assist with taking blood from a vein or when inserting a cannula into a vein. A healthcare provider may use a tourniquet to help locate veins for the purpose of drawing blood. When drawing blood, a healthcare provider will typically apply a tourniquet above the site where the blood will be drawn. The tourniquet is tightened to restrict blood flow to the area and cause the veins to become more visible and easier to access. After the tourniquet is applied, the healthcare provider will clean the site with an antiseptic solution and insert a needle into the vein. The blood is then collected in a vial or other collection device and sent to a laboratory for analysis. It is important to note that while a tourniquet can make it easier to locate veins for blood draws, it should not be left in place for an extended period of time, as this can cause tissue damage and other complications. Healthcare providers should also be trained in proper tourniquet use and follow established protocols for blood collection to ensure patient safety and comfort.

Specialist tourniquets known as Battlefield tourniquets, are also used in the battlefield or in trauma injuries to prevent blood loss. These type of tourniquets are commonly used in emergency situations, such as when a person has suffered a severe injury or wound that is causing significant bleeding. They can be used to buy time until medical help arrives or until the person can be transported to a medical facility. However, tourniquets should be used with caution, as they can cause damage to the tissues and nerves in the affected limb if left in place for too long. Therefore, it is important to only use a tourniquet as a last resort and to seek medical help as soon as possible.

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Types of tourniquet available:

  • Quick release medical tourniquets
  • Battlefield tourniquets

Quick release medical tourniquet colours available:

  • White
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  • Purple
  • Pink 
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Orange

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