Male Fertility Test Kits

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Home male fertility test kits

We have a range of quick, easy and accurate male fertility test kits which enable you to check your sperm count at home. All the home male fertility tests check you sperm count and are fully CE certified for home fertility testing. Each at home male fertility test is supplied with full instructions to perform the male fertility test and read the result.

Choice of three home male fertility test kit:

  • FertilityScore male fertility test kit tests for both sperm count and motility (contains two tests for repeat testing 10 days apart) the only home fertility test kit of the three that checks motility and contains 2 tests so you can repeat the home male fertility test. Indicates if the sperm concentration is above or below 20 million/mL motile sperm. Accuracy 90-93%
  • ALLTEST direct male fertility test kit-easiest and quickest home male fertility test kit to use. Results in 5 minutes and  97.98% accuracy in clinical studies. Only contains one test kit and just checks sperm count.
  • ALLTEST SP10 home male sperm test kit offering 98.2% accurate home test results. Only contains one test kit and also only tests sperm count. Takes longer to do than the other tests.

Which is the best sperm test kit?

Each home male fertility test has its benefits (see above). They are all accurate and very good home sperm count test kits. Of the three the Fertilityscore is probably the best home male fertility test kit, as it only checks motile sperm and sperm motility is important for fertility as well as sperm count. To get the most accurate results with a home sperm count test it is important to read and follow the instructions exactly.

What do I do if the result of the male fertility test at home is low

If the home male fertility test indicates that your sperm count is low, you should either repeat the home male fertility test after an interval of at least 10 days, or seek medical advice.

If the home male fertility test kit result indicates your sperm count is good, but you have been trying to conceive for over 12 months without success, you should still seek medical advice.