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Workplace Drug Screening

The UK and European employers have a responsibility to ensure that all employees are free of harmful drugs in the workplace. The use of drugs of abuse in the workplace, will potentially affect your employees work performance and safety, and may affect the safety of others, particularly if they are in an occupation, where they are using potentially dangerous machinery, equipment or driving.

Drugs can negatively impair both the brain & the bodies normal functioning in many ways. Most drugs of abuse will interfere with both cognitive and physical capabilities in a similar way that alcohol does. Some drugs of abuse may also impair judgment and increase aggressive and risk-taking behaviours.

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Drug testing kits workplace UK

Regular drug screening is now becoming a routine part of many UK workplaces, and in particular in industries where drug use poses a serious health risk for example construction , working at heights, drivers, railways, machine operators .

Choose between urine and saliva drug test kits for your onsite workplace drug tests.

Laboratory confirmation drug testing is also available on urine and saliva. 

Onsite Drug And Alcohol Testing Kits

Access Diagnostic Tests UK Ltd has over 20 years experience in the field of onsite workplace drug and alcohol testing kits and supplies and stock an extensive range of drug and alcohol testing kits suitable for workplace drug and alcohol testing.

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  • If you require any help or advice on choosing the best drug and alcohol testing kits for your needs then please contact our helpful customer services team for advice.
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Oral Fluid Saliva Drug Testing Kits

Saliva drug testing kits are very simple & easy to use as well as highly accurate and are ideal for workplace saliva drug screening.

Drug and alcohol testing kits for the workplace

We have a very extensive range of drug and alcohol testing kits for the workplace and over 20 years experience in supplying them to businesses & employers in the UK. If you require any help or advice in choosing the testing kits that best suit your requirements please contact us.

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Why choose Valuemed & UK Drug Testing for your onsite drug testing kits

  • Experts: we have over 20 years experience working with & selling onsite workplace drug test kits
  • Choice-we offer the widest choice of drug test kits for urine and saliva to suit your needs.
  • Price guarantee, lowest delivered UK Drug Testing prices Guaranteed!
  • Value: test for multiple drugs in one drug test kit 
  • Accurate: all elements of the drug testing kits are 95-97% accurate compared with GC/MS laboratory tests. 
  • Fast: immediate results in 3 - 5 minutes. 
  • Quality: all elements CE marked, FDA approved, ISO9001 accredited.
  • Simple: easy to use workplace drug tests with clear results. Tamper-proof cup option for greatest convenience.
  • Delivery: fast UK delivery sent in plain unmarked packaging.
  • Wholesale volume discounts- we will match or beat any genuine quote!
  • Tel 01263 731 168 for same day wholesale workplace drug test quotation Monday to Friday or e-mail us for a quote

Drug and alcohol screening

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