Corporate Social Responsibility

We take our corporate social responsibility very seriously

As a company Access Diagnostic Test UK Limited takes its CSR very seriously, and believe it is important to give back and support our local community, and our employees, as well as doing what we can to minimise our impact as a company on the environment, and where we can to give back and improve our world.

We believe that as a business it is important to minimise our impact on the environment 

How do we do this:

  • We use our use resources efficiently, making sure all lights and computers are turned off when office not in use and not left on standby for long periods of time.
  • All our offices and warehouses lighting is LED energy-efficient lights
  • We recruit from within our local community around Aylsham to minimise commuting
  • All our staff including the two directors live within 3 miles or less of our office
  • Three members of staff frequently cycle to work and two often walk
  • Our marketing team and website team all work remotely from home, most of the time to minimise commuting
  • We try to re-use all the boxes that we receive goods in from manufacturers
  • We recycle our inkjet printer cartridges in aid of our charity of the year
  • We refill some of our printer cartridges
  • We recycle all recyclables through our staff kitchen

We also believe it is essential to look after our people

  • We have a great team, and we want to keep it that way. 
  • We believe it is important to treat our employees fairly, and in a way that we would wish to be treated.
  • We believe it is our duty to provide a safe, healthy and friendly workplace 
  • We believe in rewarding their hard work and dedication with good pay, and good working conditions. 
  • Our working hours are 8.30-5.00pm Monday to Friday with no weekends, evenings or nights
  • All employees have 5 weeks paid annual leave plus bank holidays
  • All our staff work the number of days and hours that they wish to work

This year Valuemed is proud to be supporting the charity Sailing Tectona and the Tectona Trust

This amazing charity based in Plymouth works with people who are socially disadvantaged, and may be suffering with problems relating to mental health or drug and alcohol misuse issues.

They achieve this by providing financial support to recovery groups who sail on the Sailing Tectona recovery voyages. To find out more about what the Tectona Trust, and Sailing Tectona do please visit their websites.

sailing charity Tectona Trust


Tectona Trust is a charity whose mission is: 

"To help people of all ages develop into mature and responsible individuals through the experience of sail training activities in traditional sailing craft, including their maintenance and conservation.

Valuemed also supports the East Coast Hospice Appeal 

A Norfolk coast charity with the ambition to raise funds to build and run an adult hospice with 10 inpatient beds and also day services to support people in the community at home. The hospice will provide specialist end of life care and well-being support free of charge and will rely on the support of the community to do this.

The cost of building and fitting out the hospice will be £5 million and the building programme will take around 18 months. The charity has already made great progress by purchasing 7.54 acres of land and securing planning permission. The land is fenced and the ground works are in place. The next stage is to raise £2.5 million. Once they have this cash in the bank, they can start building and applying to grant-making trusts for the remainder of the capital costs.

How we have helped the charity?

  • Financially with donations of cash
  • Donating raffle prizes for fundraising events
  • We are selling a fundraising East Coast Hospice Stethoscope through this site and also through our Amazon shop
  • Sharing and promoting fundraising events on social media and at networking events
  • Advising on website
  • Supporting fundraising events
  • Encouraging our employees to become involved with the charity and to donate to the charity shops, and to help spread the word.

Would you like to partner with us and become one the charities that Valuemed supports

Contact us regarding corporate sponsorship

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