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Valuemed reviews and feedback

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave us all the feedback & reviews about how you find our website, what you think of the site , the products and the service, when you are placing your orders, and for e-mailing us with comments & testimonials. Here is a small selection of our most recent customer feedback, comments & testimonials from this website and from our Amazon shop and ebay shop.

SEPTEMBER 2020 feedback, reviews and customer comments


Thank you Linda, much appreciated.

AB 18/09/2020

Good product, quick delivery, thanks! EASYLIFE Blood Glucose Meter.

DI 17/09/2020

Via Amazon and your wholesale biz.

AM 16/09/2020

Good selection of cuffs and good price.

AJ 14/09/2020

Thank you for your reply. Just to let you know I received my item this morning.Thank you for all your help.

MG 11/09/2020

Thanks for helping me save the extra shipment when I did not make my first order complete. Highly appreciated. I received the refund for the second order shipping. Have a great day.

PL 10/09/2020

Thank you - very much appreciated.

MD 10/09/2020

All good A++. EASYLIFE Haemoglobin Control Solution.

MM 10/09/2020

I am pleased to tell you that my order arrived today with quite a large backlog of other mail.

RG 09/09/2020

It arrived today! Thank you for your assistance ! 

DZ 08/09/2020

Found site by accident, when searching for a ketone meter with reasonably priced strips. Bought from you, very happy with product, and am, consequently, continuing to use you.

LW 07/09/2020

Am on Keto diet to help with diabetes, CFS & Fibromyalgia. I found your site after spending a long time googling.

SS 04/09/2020

Good transaction. Recommended.

MN 04/09/2020

My brother recommended vit D test.

DK 03/09/2020

Excellent Service A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++EASYLIFE Blood Haemoglobin Anaemia Meter.

EP 02/09/2020

Thank you so much for your understanding and quick reply.

CC 01/09/2020

AUGUST 2020 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Moved the lancet forward and seems to be working. Many thanks.

RE 28/08/2020

Thank you so much Linda. Appreciate it.

AN 26/08/2020

Online research and video found very useful.  EASYLIFE Blood Glucose / Cholesterol / Haemoglobin Meter.

LT 25/08/2020

OK thanks a lot. Appreciate that.

LG 24/08/2020

I truly appreciate your quick responses and your amazing help with this.  I'm pretty sure that the odd readings are because I didn't take the readings on a totally empty stomach and possibly a little under-hydrated. Ketone Breath Meter.

NP 21/08/2020

Site found through google search for On Call test strips.

AB 20/08/2020

Delivered, thank you so much for arranging that for me , really appreciate it!

MA 19/08/2020

Thank you so much for the quick response. I very much appreciate that. Kind regards.

AM 18/08/2020

Thank you, I'll do that. In the meantime, I look forward to receiving the parcel shortly.

SF 17/08/2020

Again my thanks to you for sending me the YouTube link for meter date set up, now all functions work, very satisfied with the test meter and the outstanding customer support that I received with help to set up.Thank you very much.

DH 17/08/2020

"As someone who has never done testing before I found the lady I spoke to was really helpful, talked me through what I needed and talked me through it in plain english, which in turn made me feel confident."

AN 14/08/2020

Perfect item, really happy 👍Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope.

JH 13/08/2020

Thank you -pleasure to do business with you.

NI 12/08/2020

My order arrived today nice and safe. Thank you.

KA 11/08/2020

Searching for UK sites after waiting for Dr to arrange test in Lockdown and was taking an age to sort.

SC 10/08/2020

That is so kind of you! Thank you.

LH 07/08/2020

Thanks so much, Helen. I very much appreciate this. With Best wishes.

VH 06/08/2020

Hi Linda. Many thanks for all your efforts associated with this enquiry. I am pleased that you are now able to issue me with a full refund. Kind regards.

AR 06/08/2020

Have purchased from you before.

RM 05/08/2020

Thank you so much for sending the cuff I appreciate how quickly you sent the replacement.

SS 04/08/2020

Thanks.. very happy with item. Advanced protect PPE EN166 certified face shield.

MA 03/08/2020

JULY 2020 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Thank you very much for your help.

CS 31/07/2020

Fantastic item arrived quickly. Many Thanks. Will buy from you again. Aneroid Sphygmomanometer.

SR 31/07/2020

Thank you very much for quick response and action 👌best regards.

GR 30/07/2020

No problem thank you so much for your prompt response I really appreciate it.

SA 30/07/2020

Straightforward no problems. Quality product. Fast delivery. Great!!

CD 29/07/2020

Thank you for your first class service.

PG 28/07/2020

Hi, thanks for your prompt reply. Ah I see.. I thought the strips should’ve been the same colour as the chart on the side. Yes, I do tap off the excess, but I’ve just been holding the strip flat rather than laying it completely flat. So, entirely my fault!!
So sorry 😐 I do apologise.

CA 27/07/2020

Order placed

ED 23/07/2020

From Google search, you seem professional and reassuring phone call with your support department.

VG 23/07/2020

Extremely good love it.

IH 22/07/2020

Very happy with this unit, easy and safe way to test haemoglobin level

BA 22/07/2020

I will take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent & prompt service. I shall have no hesitation in using your site again.

JS 20/07/2020

Thank you very much.

DM 17/07/2020

Great A++++++++.Ketone Breath Meters.

UG 17/07/2020

Sorry , I already contacted, I understood how to use, sorry, thank you.

LL 16/07/2020

Hi Linda. Thanks for your quick response. Yes it was in the pot! Thank you.

MI 15/07/2020

Thank you. EASYLIFE Blood Haemoglobin Anaemia Meter.

TA 14/07/2020

Searching for UK sites after waiting for Dr to arrange test in Lockdown and was taking an age to sort.

SC 13/07/2020

Thank you for the update. I appreciate it. 

PE 13/07/2020

Incredible ketone monitor AND its totally accurate ,many thanks.

BS 10/07/2020

Hi adtukltd Many thanks for your prompt action you're a gentleman you certainly have my future business.

TH 09/07/2020

Yes received thank you.

JI 08/07/2020

Fantastic seller, quickly resolved an issue with one of the code chips, thanks. FREE ebketone KETONE Meter when you buy 20 eBketone Blood Ketone Strips.

KK 07/07/2020

Site is easy to negotiate and the offer is really good.

AW 06/07/2020

Great Linda.  Thanks for this.

UO 03/07/2020

Found site through google search and chose this site because it has good information on products and good prices.

AG 02/07/2020

The item was as described if not better. Great seller 👌

EC 02/07/2020

From google, good quality things with reasonable prices.

AA 01/07/2020


JUNE 2020 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Fab,Thank you x

JC 30/06/2020

Right sized product.

LK 29/06/2020

Friend recommendation.

AM 29/06/2020

Hi, Thanks that's good service. Regards.

GM 26/06/2020

That’s great, thank you. Kind regards.

RZ 25/06/2020

Test kit arrived quickly. ALLTEST Home Thyroid Test Kit.

PN 24/06/2020

Great seller. Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope.

RP 24/06/2020

Received on time and good value.

DT 23/06/2020

My dad had to have a blood transfusion for low iron, works correctly Thankyou!!

FL 22/06/2020

All good very nice people to deal with.

DM 22/06/2020

Thank you so very much. I appreciate this so much. Cheers.

AL 19/06/2020

Search engine. Relying on GP's judgement. Low price.

GH 19/06/2020

Previously used before, originally used e bay.

MB 18/06/2020

Fab.1 Tube Blood Pressure Cuffs (Range of Sizes)

DJ 17/06/2020

Found via google - well priced!

JM 16/06/2020

Great item. Super fast delivery. Good communication. Recommend seller.

AB 15/06/2020

How kind thank you very much.

SA 12/06/2020

Thank you very much for the Stethoscope which arrived in perfect condition this morning. That was remarkably quick! I have given you the full 5 Stars for your attention. Thank you.Live Long and Prosper.

BA 11/06/2020

Thank you so much for replying so quickly.

TE 10/06/2020

Kathy, Excellent – thank you.

SS 09/06/2020

Recommendation. Ease of order.

SB 08/06/2020

Thank you.

AR 05/06/2020

Dear Linda, thank you for replacement pot of uristix- these are much better quality- you can see the difference in the thickness of the paper test areas so no problem with smearing. Very happy customer! Stay well, best wishes.

CS 04/06/2020

Kits arrived quickly and were easy to understand.

MY 03/06/2020

Trying to loose weight taking oil and following a ketogenic diet. my adviser suggested this site.

SB 02/06/2020

I just wanted to say thank you for doing this for me. I appreciate that you didn't have to. 

AF 01/06/2020

MAY 2020 feedback, reviews and customer comments


Great item and great seller. Easy to use. ALLTEST Home Thyroid Test Kit.

GS 29/05/2020

Excellent item and expedited delivery. Will highly recommended to all *****

PE 28/05/2020

I found the video link instructions attached to the last message far better than the instructions enclosed with the meter, two of us misunderstood the instructions. Thank you for your help and yes I am now getting readings on the meter.

WE 27/05/2020

Absolutely no problem thank you for your help.You are very kind.

CN 26/05/2020 

That's great, thank you very much. 

MG 26/05/2020

No worries, I know its out of your hands so its nothing negative on you and I would use you again for product. Thank you.

NA 21/05/2020

 Dear Linda

I have checked the bulb as suggested and it is now working fine. Thank you for your help.

AB 15/05/2020

That’s brilliant thank you for your speedy reply

ES 14/05/2020

Thank you very much.

BR  13/5/2020

Easy to order and very quick delivery

IN 11/5/20

That is great thank you.

CN 07/5/20

Good morning Linda, Many thanks for your understanding and kind assistance. Kind Regards.

DO 07/5/20

The price and process seem very straight forward and great not to have delivery costs.

BJ 06/5/20

Hi, thank you for the quick reply. I tried the meter again after watching the video and I now get a reading. I'm not sure what I did differently but it does seem to work now. Thank you for your help.

MW 06/5/20

That's great, thank you very much. 

GM 05/5/20

Many thanks that’s great. And thank you for the prompt reply.

SF 04/5/20

Thanks. Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope.

AT 01/5/20


April 2020 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Invaluable product, thankfully my test was negative!

EF 30/4/20

Thank you very much! I will certainly keep you in mind for future. Excellent service.

AC 30/4/20

Brilliant – thanks so much!

JK 29/4/20

Many thanks Helen – much appreciated.

DC 28/4/20

Thank you for the prompt and helpful response.

BB 27/4/20

Received really fast, many thanks. Pool and Spa test strips 5 way water tests kit 100 strips.

JP 24/4/20

Ok thanks for your help and quick response. Thank you.

LV 23/4/20

Hi used the meter this morning all working ok now after your advise.

MC 23/4/20

Thank you for resolving my issue the way you did. Kind regards.

PU 23/4/20

Perfect, thanks Kathy! 

GS 22/4/20

Great product, A* seller & highly recommended. Many thanks!Chronic Fatigue Home Test Kits TATT Test.

TT 21/4/20

Returning customer.

MG 20/4/20

Great. EASYLIFE Glucose Control Solution.

YD 16/04/20

Thank you very happy customer :0)

SC 15/04/20

Colleague has got one and said it was the best stethoscope they have ever used!

VK 14/04/20

Thank you for your reply and your suggestions. The issue I was having was related to getting the blood in to the reader area. I was dropping it on to the face of the strip. I have now got a couple of readings properly. Thanks again
GM 08/04/20

Thanks Linda great help thanks again.

RO 07/04/20

Thank you for your understanding I really appreciate it.

CA 06/04/20

Thank you for getting in touch. I am so grateful to you. I am over 70 myself and care for a vulnerable daughter of 47. It has been reassuring to be able to provide protection for a carer who comes to see her.

MC 03/4/20

Good kit recommend. Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope.

BH 03/4/20

Hi, just to let you know the test strips arrived in perfect condition yesterday. Many thanks for your help and kind regards.

CA 02/4/20

As usual Excellent, Fast delivery. ON CALL PLUS II Blood Glucose Strips + FREE lancets.

CL 01/4/20


March 2020 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Thank you so much!

SF 31/3/20

Thank u so much I’m happy with the ketone breath meter. I still haven’t received the first one, it is definitely missing so thank u for sending me another one. I’m
using it and it is awesome just left feedback
Take care u self.

ZW 30/3/20

Returning customer.

NG 30/3/20

Just what I needed thank u.

SC 27/3/20

Excellent service pleasure to deal with. Product exactly as described.Pool and Spa test strips 5 way water tests kit 100 strips.

RP 26/3/20

Excellent service and communications. Dual Head Cardiology Stethoscope.

SH 25/3/20

Thank you! Recommended A+++++ Very satisfied! Will buy again. Latex Free Disposable Medical Gloves.

OV 24/3/20

Excellent product, received on time * * * * * EASYLIFE Blood Glucose Test Strips.

AR 23/3/20

Linda you’re a star, thank you.

MP 20/3/20

A very big thanks 🙏

LK 20/3/20

Excellent Product, Good Value - Works great A++++

KR 20/3/20

Fast delivery 10/10 excellent.

CL 19/3/20

Thanks for your reply and your suggestion about dropping the blood on to the edge of the strip instead on to the face - this worked perfectly first time I tried it!

DK 18/3/20

Good product good vendor.

CB 17/3/20

Thank you for your quick response. I would like to apologize for mess I created. I already re-ordered the item and paid for it with my debit card. Thank you once again for your cooperation.

PR 16/3/20

Keep the order active please and send asap. I am a Doctor and these are great. Thanks.

PO 13/3/20

Thank for sending an alternative lancing device. It works perfectly. Regards.

RS 13/3/20

Top seller will reorder. Thanks 👍

MM 12/3/20

Thanks for your prompt service order arrived today.

GH 11/3/20

OK , Very useful for checking UTI.

SE 10/3/20

Thank you for your quick and professional response. I will be satisfied with this solution.

SZ 09/3/20

Thank you for a smooth process.

MK 09/3/20

Thank you very much

NJ 09/3/20 

Wow! Thank you!

BF 06/3/20

Thanks for this, I much appreciate your prompt action. 

ST 05/3/20

Good Good Good.

MA 04/3/20

Excellent quality product, easy to use and understand readings....

AJ 03/3/20

Thank you so much for resending that i got it in perfect condition. I made sure to leave positive feedback for you 👍

SC 02/3/20

February 2020 feedback, reviews and customer comments


Thank you, this is a massive help!!!Kind regards,

HA 28/2/20

Fast delivery. Excellent service thanks.

ML 28/2/20

Very happy, many thanks.

DB 27/2/20

Great 😀 thank you. Thanks for speedy delivery 👍

WC 26/2/20

Having ordered test kit from easylfe they recommended you.

ED 25/2/20

Received them today. You are so kind doing that.

JW 24/2/20

Thanks Linda. All works good now. Regards.

RA 21/2/20

Good morning Helen. That’s great, thank you. Kind regards.

KR 21/2/20

Top class service,thanks.

TR 20/2/20

Thanks. Diabetes Test Kit ALLTEST Glucose Urine Test Strips Pack of 100 tests.

AC 19/2/20

Thank you.Step Counter.

SN 18/2/20

Thanks, I found it via your website and have ordered one.

GR 17/2/20

Best price on GOOGLE search, and an easy to use web page.

BH 14/2/20

Very good deal. 10 ALLTEST Professional PSA Test Cassettes.

BF 13/2/20

Good morning Linda,
Thank you for the information and help with the order.
Kind regards.

PJ 12/2/20

Hi Linda, I recently purchased a blood test monitor from you and after a slight problem, which you sorted out, all is well. I would like to purchase additional test strips and lancets, can I purchase direct from you.

TE 12/2/20

Good prices.

DF 12/2/20

Hi.Thank you so much. Kind Regards.

EO 11/2/20

Thank you so much Linda 👍

MT 10/2/20

Good prices

DF 09/2/20 

Good morning, thank you for doing that I really appreciate it and of course I'll return the others for you. Thank you again.

CH 07/2/20

Quality product - thanks.

HF 06/2/20

Very happy with my purchase Thank you :) arrived next day :)

DW 05/2/20

Hi Yeh they are working fine and thank you ever so much, kind regards. I have left you 100 % feedback, you've been very helpful.

DN 04/2/20

Yes what an idiot I am I have got the others, was looking for a box the same as the other. Thank you for your quick reply.


BE 03/2/20

January 2020 feedback, reviews and customer comments 

Very well laid out website and easy to use. Good price for what I wanted. Found via google.

JN 31/1/20

Great item! As described and quick delivery. Very happy, thank you :)

LL 30/1/20

Thank you for your help. Kind regards.

KL 29/1/20


JF 29/1/20

Good product.

AS 28/1/20

Excellent thank you. 1 Tube Blood Pressure Cuffs.

PE 27/1/20

5 star service thank you.

MD 24/1/20

Great love it.

ER 23/1/20

Oh that's brilliant, thank you.

Much appreciated :)

TI 22/1/20

Hi Helen Thanks.  Now ordered!

George 20/1/20

Thanks Linda, i have just ordered some from your site.

Regards. NI 20/1/2020

I’ve found it easy to use
BB 20/1/20

Im satisfied, the seller is very good 😉excellent service
PE 20/1/20

Great just what we needed thanks
SE 19/1/20

Excellent experience, quick delivery, well packed, all good
BB 19/1/20

Fast delivery and great product x
JB 19/1/20


Received as promised. Pleased with item. Thanks. 

GF 16/1/20

Excellent item seller and service. Highly recommend beautify wrapped 

DD 16/1/20

Great product and great service EASYLIFE Glucose Control Solution 
MC 15/1/20
Excellent speedy service and such careful packing. Highly Delighted. Thank you. 
CS 15/1/20
Perfect extremely fast delivery. 1st class 
KC 15/1/20

Excellent, thank you very much!

RB 14/01/2020

Excellent service from this seller. I can recommend and will purchase again. SS 10/1/20

Delivered really quickly, great price.

MT 10/1/20

Excellent service. I can recommend and will purchase again.

SS 10/1/20

Fab. Speedy delivery. 

NY 9/1/20 

Have used Valuemed site previously.

KT 6/1/20

Perfect seller. Great item. Easylife Blood Haemoglobin Meter. 

SS 6/1/20

Very good! A+

LB 6/1/20

Linda, hi, may I firstly wish you all the best for the coming year, for you and those you care for.
I've decided to keep the ketosis meter for the following reasoning. When I was fasting and was in a state of deep ketosis, the meter was no good as my level of ketosis was outside its parameters for measurement. However, I contracted a rather severe chest infection, just before Christmas, compounded with a head cold and my doctor advised me that the medication he was prescribing required me to have food in my stomach to prevent the possibility of damage to the stomach wall and lining, so I had to resume eating. Although I stayed on a ketogenic diet, I found that the meter gradually started to give me a reading, which proved invaluable in assessing how well I was coping with carbs and staying within safe boundaries - at least for my purposes.
I hope that I have not caused you too much inconvenience with my initial return request, and if you wish to use part or all of this message as a testimonial to the effectiveness of your breath meter, please feel free to do so with my full permission. I will certainly be mentioning your product on the fasting forums of which I am a member.
NS 07/01/2020

Excellent product for those on a ketogenic diet and first class customer service.   

GN 6/01/20

Happy new year.
Thank you very much for sending the replacement cuff which I received & is working very well.

HS 05/01/2020

I'm a diabetic needing cholesterol control so purchased glucose / cholesterol meter.

SM 4/1/20

iFound you by internet search for sphygmomanometer with adult and large cuffs

RM 4/1/20

Excellent ketone meter that works, would recommend.KETONE Breath Meter and 10 mouth pieces    PR 3/1/20

Excellent transaction, highly recommended, a pleasure, 5⭐️   SS 3/1/20

Good quality and arrived quickly, many thanks  KM 3/1/20

Awesome A+++   SF 3/1/20

Thank you, it’s lovely*****   HL 3/1/20

Great product & service 100%

IC 2/1/20

An ok item. Gave one each to my colleagues who were delighted with the vibrant colours.

LB 2/1/20

Excellent service and speedy delivery.

Sue 1/1/20

December  2019 

Super fast delivery - the delivery person was very courteous - all good - no complaints :-)

GC 31/12/19

Really happy with this item

LF 30/12/19

Previous orders, but originally found Valuemed via Google

SL 30/12/19

Prompt service

AC 29/12/19

Very good service

OAB 25/12/19

Very good, easy to order, speedy delivery

DB 23/12/19

Super service

Linda 21/12/19

Good service

GW 18/12/19

Quick delivery and great price

RC 16/12/19

Good quality and easy to use

Mand 15/12/19

Product arrived on time descreetly wrapped and good quality at fair price

AC 13/12/19

Very prompt delivery. Good value

SR 11/12/19

Fantastic thanks so much

HM 5/12/19

Excellent service and item

AN 2/12/19

November 2019 

Brilliant bit of kit. A+++ seller. Diolch/Thanks.

ID 29/11/19

I found your your products to be good value.

JF 28/11/19

Thank you for the quick answer. 

ZL 28/11/19

Online. Good price.

YA 27/11/19

Responded quickly to my query. Thank you.

JS 26/11/19


VN 26/11/19

Google search for item.

KM 25/11/19

Thanks for your help, it helped me to go through it all again and the meter is now working well. Thank you.

JF 21/11/19

Item as described, fast delivery and good communication A* Easylife Test Strip Haemoglobin/ Cholesterol/ Glucose Combination Pack. 

PK 20/11/19

Very happy. NEW Blood Cholesterol Monitor 3 in 1 Meter System EasyLife Blood Cholesterol.

VO 19/11/19

I found it with a Google search and I am looking for a meter as I'm on a keto diet for health reasons.

DC 18/11/19

Perfect seamless transaction, thank you.

LR 17/11/19

I like this spyghmomanometer, it's great for student nurses like me :-)

NA 16/11/19

Very Happy with item.

KT 15/11/19

All ok. 10 ALLTEST Professional PSA Test Cassettes.

DH 14/11/19

I'm a nurse so as usual don't take care of me! Typical! I should have bought this off you before because kidney infections are so tiring, well that's my excuse for not doing housework. LOL. Wasn't feeling well so tested with your stick. Prescription from Dr. Thank you.

CM 14/11/19

Sales staff on it 💕

SR 13/11/19

💞🌸 *~> Thank you <~* 🌸💞

FI 13/11/19

Item as described thanks.

CP 12/11/19

Great, just what I wanted.

AH 11/11/19

Excellent fast delivery have not used yet. Home TATT ( Tired All The Time ) Chronic Fatigue Test KIt...Thyroid, Ferritin + URS10 

DB 08/11/19

Test strips. Excellent service throughout.

HE 07/11/19

Vielan Dank thank you fast response thank you again.

TL 07/11/19

Great thanks 😊 ON Call GK Dual Blood Glucose and Ketone Meter.

FS 06/11/19

Perfect transaction many thanks.

WG 05/11/19

Best price I could find for much needed item. ON CALL PLUS II Blood Glucose Strips + FREE Lancets.

HL 04/11/19

Very happy with the meter and service. Will certainly use this seller again.

MA 01/11/19

Came quickly. Thanks. 50 EBWELL Blood Glucose Strips Long Date.

OP 01/11/19

October 2019 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Blood glucose testing strips arrived as advertised. All is good. Thanks.

MH 31/10/19

Delivered in good time. EASYLIFE Blood Haemoglobin Meter.

GM 30/10/19

Just as described, excellent delivery thanks. Wooden pinard fetal stethoscope.

MR 29/10/19

Unable to buy from usual supplier and not available on NHS. Searched for suppliers. It was easy to navigate your site, plus item at a much better price including free postage. Hopefully all will go well. Thank you.

AR 29/10/19

Found via Internet search after previously purchasing an Easylife 3 in 1 meter from Access Diagnostics Tests UK Ltd.

DM 28/10/19


KM 28/10/19

Found this through a search for ketone monitors on Amazon.

NT 25/10/19

Thanks for your help.

BM 24/10/19

Searched web and seemed best value.

PM 24/10/19

Very happy.

FY 23/10/19

Awesome thank u.

KC 22/10/19

Very fast delivery, great seller and item as described, thank you.+++++ Home TATT ( Tired all the time ) Chronic Fatigue Test Kits ( Thyroid, Ferritin + URS10 )

CC 21/10/19

Looks great works well. AL6000 Replacement Sensor.

TT 21/10/19

Very happy.

DC 18/10/19

Spot on cheers.

AC 17/10/19

Thank you. Arrived on time and good service. A +++++++ 10 ALLTEST Professional TSH Thyroid Test Cassettes.

SL 16/10/19

Excellent Seller, very happy with 3 in 1 monitor and  Cholesterol Test Strips, which are working very well, thank you.

CH 15/10/2019

I received this order very promptly and am very satisfied with the item and the service

RS 15/10/2019

Arrived on time and as described. Many thanks

JK 15/10/2019

Good communication, when an issue was raised they found a good solution.

HS 15/10/2019

I purchased an On Call GK Dual meter from ADTUK Ltd, together with some glucose testing strips. These would not work in the meter. I contacted ADTUK, immediately and within a few hours received advice on where to source, the correct strips. I was then able to return the incorrect items. A very helpful experience

BH 15/10/2019

Previous customer.

JB 15/10/19

Great to deal with top communication thanks.

IL 14/10/19

As described - thank you EASYLIFE Blood Haemoglobin Meter.

AC 11/10/19

5 S.T.A.R.S ! excellent.

MJ 10/10/19

Thank you for your prompt reply.

JW 09/10/19

I went on amazon site and you provided just what I was looking for .Have used tests today and am very impressed. Wasted first 2 cholesterol strips as found them the hardest to get any result from.

AH 09/10/19

Item received in good time and condition.

FP 08/10/19

Excellent, Good Seller, Nice to do business with. A ++++ ON CALL PLUS II Blood Glucose Strips + FREE Lancets.

IE 07/10/19

Dubious about ordering the Ketone Breath Meter due to some reviews on Amazon but saw YouTube video explaining how to use them effectively and ordered. There was also a note in advising how to get best use which was in line with the video. My first reading was 3.75. Cycled the machine 4 times and took hubbies who is a diabetic but controlled - 0.1 so yeah it works fine!

AH 05/10/2019

Slightly smaller than I had expected but does the job very well. My mums universal Lancers fit the pen as stated. Definitely glad I bought as this one is much easier to use than the rather fiddly original one that came with my mums testing meter, this one has an adjustable strength and it seems to work perfect on setting 3 for my mum.

SR 04/10/2019

Hi Glenn. I was very surprised to receive another kit this morning. Thank you. 
I did mean to get back to you yesterday but things just got away from me. I really didn’t expect a test to arrive without me getting back to you.
It was a very kind thing for you to do. Your customer service is second to none
and I commend you. Thank you once again. Have a good day.
Kindest regards.

JW 03/10/2019

September 2019 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Great!. Good communication.

DB 29/09/2019

Very good seller excellent product I would highly recommend.

MT 29/09/2019

Prompt dispatch and as described.

FS 28/09/2019

Pleased 😁👍 KETONE Breath Meter and 10 mouth pieces.

TB 27/09/19

Smooth transaction. Thanks. Water testing kit 100 strip 10 in 1 drinking water tests.

PM 26/09/19

Easy life 3in1 monitoring system. Web address in the box.

NP 25/09/19

Great transaction thanks. Will buy again.

KA 24/09/19

Fab just what I was after.

GB 23/09/19

Very happy.

JM 20/09/19

Free delivery makes you cheaper than your ebay link!

GC 19/09/19

Great. 1 Tube Blood Pressure Cuffs.

HT 18/09/19

All fine and dandy. 1 Tube Blood Pressure Cuffs.

OB 17/09/19

OK. Water testing kit 100 strip 10 in 1 drinking water tests.

PW 16/09/19

Prompt. well packed. Item works just fine EASYLIFE Blood Haemoglobin Meter.

RB 13/09/19

Brilliant company to buy from...first class delivery...100ml Urine Sample Collection Cup/Pot.

DB 12/09/19

Not used them yet but delivery speed/value all good.

FO 11/09/19

👍🏻 eBketone Blood Ketone Meter.

KA 10/09/19

Hi Linda, thank you for this information - this will definitely help!

OD 09/09/19

Thank you, the lady who I was talking to by telephone was very helpful. Thank you for the email.

KS 06/09/19

Advised by someone with Type II diabetes following a ketogenic diet to manage T II diabetes.

MT 05/09/19

It came on time. Thank you.

JM 04/09/19

Love this site for my ketogenic lifestyle I lead. So glad I have found you.

ZW 03/09/19

I found your prices to be the most reasonable.

KV 03/09/19

Dear Linda, Apologies you are quite correct, I misunderstood the buffer bit. I'll order another test. Thanks for your help. Kind regards 

PA 02/09/19

Very Happy with product and service. THANKS.

RS 02/09/19

August 2019 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Good product and delivered promptly. Water testing kits 100 strip 10 in 1 drinking water tests.

ET 30/08/19

Excellent product! Item exactly as advertised, eBketone Blood Ketone Meter.

AD 29/08/19

Item as described.

BM 28/08/19

Ordered yesterday arrived today so that's good. I bought the Ketone Breath Meter because ketosticks no longer work for me so I wanted to confirm that I was in keto. The build quality is OK though the battery door could fit better but that's minor. Readings, (blow for 10 seconds just a steady exhale). My readings (3 taken) were 2.90, 2.85 and 2.85. Seen this advertised for almost twice the price. BRILLIANT!!

SB 27/08/19

Tip from an administrator at

GW 27/08/19

Nice and smooth transaction 100% positive

MC 21/08/19

Prompt delivery. Well packaged. Good service. Thank you.

SA 20/08/19

Fantastic seller would highly recommend great communication great item.

MA 20/08/19

Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope as described, great value, fast delivery.

EW 19/08/19

Prompt delivery for my client's use. Lancets fitted well which we had and worked perfectly!

LB 18/08/19

I have used this site before.

RM 18/08/19

Ordered item originally from Amazon. Checked this site, and great online shop/service!

RC 18/08/19

Have purchased as needed regularly and this gives excellent results. Arrived in excellent condition and promptly.

CP 17/08//19

Fast delivery and a totally hassle free transaction, thank you. ON CALL Data Transfer Cable.

IB 16/08/19

Recommended by family member.

AS 15/08/19

Great buy again ...

TO 14/08/19

Excellent Seller, very happy with hemoglobin test strips, Thank you.

SCW 13/08/19

Good Afternoon, Linda. Thank you for the notification. Much appreciated.

MA 13/08/19

Fast and reliable, item as stated. Super value.

NF 13/08/19

Thank you very much for telling me. Most other places don't tell you that.
Thank you.

DM 13/08/19

Results made me pester GP. Had bowel polyps removed last week !!!!!!

JD 12/08/19

Using this 4 times a day to monitor my blood pressure. Easy to use and quite accurate.

SL 11/08/19

Great deal ... Very pleased. Thank You.

AM 09/08/19

Arrived earlier than expected which was nice look forward to trying it out.

TB 08/08/19

Urine strips. Arrived quick and great to check water infection.

SH 07/08/19

Good deal ......

JE 06/08/19

Very helpful supplier with excellent products. They have a wealth of info on their website on the correct usage and handling of their items to prevent errors occurring. Do not be tempted by inferior, cheaper, suppliers.

JS 05/08/19

Thank you for the quick response.

LD 05/08/19

Ordered from this seller before, keen price and good use by date.

DJ 04/08/19

Repeat purchase, says it all.

MS 04/08/19

Super quality item .. Excellent service. Arrived early. Highly recommend. Love it.

MU 02/08/19

Fast delivery, great quality item especially for the price. Contact with the seller when needed was very quick!

LH 01/08/19

Works perfectly good upgrade on my old one.

PP 01/08/19

Great product +++ Thanks Very Much +++ 

IG 01/08/19

July 2019 feedback, reviews and customer comments

A ++ 1 Tube Blood Pressure Cuffs ( Range of Sizes )

TH 31/07/19

Good product.

LT 30/07/19 forum post.

JR 29/07/19

Perfect condition, received earlier than expected with Thanks.

MS 29/07/19

Excellent service. Thank you. 50 ON CALL PLUS II Blood Glucose Strips + 50 FREE Lancets.

SB 29/07/19

Linda you are very good thank you very much God bless you.

NA 27/07/19

Bought from here previously. Good value and quick service.

KW 26/07/19

Great product & excellent service.

ND 26/07/19

As described. 1 Tube Blood Pressure Cuffs (Range of Sizes).

AW 25/07/19

Very pleased with my order thank you.

PC 24/07/19

Great Service.

RH 24/07/19

Bought the wrong product, returned, no problems.

SA 24/07/19

Great item thanks A ++++  eBketone Blood Ketone Meter.

ST 24/07/19

Hi Linda,
Yes please.Thanks very much. Great customer service.
Kind regards,
AO 23/07/19

Good machine, easy to use, comprehensive instructions. Arrived early. EASYLIFE Blood Haemoglobin Meter.

SN 23/07/19

Received safely many thanks 5*

CJ 22/07/19

Found site by internet search. Bought as best price found for test strips.

AP 22/07/19


MP 19/07/19

Tourniquet. Just small enough to put into a walking or water sports mini first aid kit.

ID 18/07/19

This item is top quality, not like the cheap ones I did buy from another supplier which were only fit for the bin or children to play with, thanks. Regards 

EF 18/07/19

Very good tester, easy to use, eBketone Blood Ketone Meter.

EW 18/07/19

Great supplier A1 .. 1 Tube Blood Pressure Cuffs (range of sizes)

TB 17/07/19

That's great, thank you very much.

LS 16/07/19

Thanks very much Linda. kind regards.

BF 16/07/19

Very quick delivery thank you.

RC 16/07/19

Great service very pleased thanks.. KETONE Breath Meter and 10 mouth pieces.

DK 15/07/19

Use your easy life test meter. and brought off you twice before.

DH 12/07/19

Item arrived quickly well packaged and just as described. Thanks eBetone Blood Ketone Meter.

LG 12/07/19

Seller was brilliant with communication mailing and asking if my order arrived,

RM 12/07/19

That is great news – thank you for all your help!

ES 11/07/19

Fast service good quality.

FB 11/07/19

Thank you! Water testing kits 100 strips 10 in 1 drinking water tests.

PG 10/07/19

Great product and services.

SW 09/07/19

5 star store.

SV 08/07/19

Thank you for your quick response, I appreciate that.

PP 05/07/19

Prompt delivery. Product excellent and as described. Would use seller again.

NB 05/07/19

Lancing device, as good as the original that came with the glucose kit, I use number 3 level, it's painless and effective.

JS 04/07/19

Great seller. Just as described and prompt delivery.

MS 04/07/19

Thanks for fast posting very pleased great service.

TS 03/07/19

Absolutely brilliant.

WB 01/07/19

June 2019 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Prompt response to enquiry.

WD 28/06/19

Great service! And very happy with the item

HR 28/0619

The item arrived earlier.

MJ 28/06/19

Lovely. Thank you very much.

CP 27/06/19

Great thanks.

SS 27/06/19

Easy to use once you get the hand of it.

PB 26/06/19

Excellent fast dispatch and packed very well A* rating.

JT 25/06/19

Searched for the specific product I'm buying (ketone meter), as don't want to buy from Amazon. Also saw your unboxing videos on youtube (helpful).

VP 24/06/19

Great item, thank you A +++++ 

KB 21/06/19

Now I can watch for signs of ill health in disabled person. Very handy.

JS 20/06/19

Fab, great, fast delivery, very pleased.

LA 20/06/19

As described, thank you.

DF 19/06/19

Excellent item, fast delivery, highly recommended.

CM 18/06/19

As described thank you.

KT 17/06/19

Top seller thanks *******************

PM 14/06/19

Pleased with these strips.

LW 13/06/19

Top job cheers.

WE 12/06/19

Item as described thanks.

BS 11/06/19

First class. Thanks.

HE 10/06/19

Great purchase, very happy, fast delivery and well packaged

CI 07/06/19

 Looked on Amazon and saw your trade name

JF 06/06/19

Highly recommended !!!

TN 04/06/19

Accurate monitor in a nice case. Great value for money.

CJ 03/06/19

Thank You. Excellent Service.

JS 03/06/19

Hi thank you for your quick response and sorting the matter. Much appreciated.

PM 03/06/19

May 2019 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Within the limitations of reagent strips, work well, can't ask more !!!!!

NS 31/05/19

First class service many thanks.

JN 30/05/19

Purchased haemoglobin test kit from yourselves via Ebay.

SW 29/05/19

Returning customer, good value and quick delivery.

SL 28/05/19

Very pleased with item - many thanks.

LV 24/05/19


JR 23/05/19

Thank you for the prompt dispatch of this item which arrived on the 20th May.

DC 23/05/19

Brilliant. Put my mind at rest in minutes.

DB 22/05/19

On Google, looking to see if I could find cheaper than amazon :))

CH 21/05/19

Love it.

BC 20/05/19

Hello, thank you for your great customer service 

MC 17/05/2019

Perfect A ++++++

CF 16/05/19

Done!!! Thanks for your fantastic help!!!

GS 15/05/19

That’s super news. Thank you very much. 
Kindest regards.
EF 15/05/19

Good item.

WL 14/05/19

Hi Linda, Thank you for clearing that up for me, I feel very silly now and sorry for bothering you. Thank You for your quick reply, Great customer service, not something you see very often these days. x

D 13/05/19

Hi there I did receive the item today it’s 4 days earlier than what you promised me, this is excellent job you did 
Thank you 🙏 very much.

MY 13/05/19

Because of this I knew I have to go to hospital, amazing results.

LC 10/05/19

Many thanks for your prompt and positive reply and I look forward to receiving the goods.

DC 09/05/19

Very good quality sphyg, does the job well.

SH 09/05/19

Very good very fast service deal again.

DC 08/05/19

Will use again thanks.

CW 07/05/19

The hospital where my daughter is a student nurse said to use this site. The prices are excellent.

JL 03/05/19

Dear Linda
I have ordered the lancet and I really appreciate your advice thank you very much. You have been extremely helpful.
Kind regards
JR 02/05/19

No problems...easy transaction.

DS 02/05/19

Excellent product/service. Thank you! :-D

NA 01/05/19


April 2019 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Excellent. Thanks. Bargain. Amazing !!

AM 30/04/19

Great Value Tourniquets. Quickly Delivered. A +.

BC 30/04/19

Existing customer , thanks for the excellent service to date.

SF 29/04/19

Google search and watched YouTube presentation.

BB 29/04/19

This item is exactly what I wanted.

GP 26/04/19

Everything came on time and in perfect condition. Looking forward to using it now!

AU 26/04/19

I am very grateful for your time. Seen my GP based on the results and have been referred as I had some other tests on Tuesday at the GP practice which came back yesterday with cause for concern. So will be seen by gastrointestinal doctor.
And let it be a lesson for any one, I’m 38 I have 4 young children life is hectic but I had been to the GP several times raising concerns and I was brushed off with IBS! So I bought this test to prove other wise ! Be your own health advocate I say 😉

DM 25/04/19

Thank you so much for replacement sonic toothbrush.Very quick response and delivery , if I could leave you positive feedback again I would. For a great service 

AL 24/04/19

Easy to use came super quick. Has it's own case.

LT 23/04/19

All received 
Great customer service. Many thanks 

JT 19/04/19

Very safely wrapped and it arrive quickly too.

PB 18/04/19

Received quickly and good quality looks exactly like the picture.

CS 17/04/19

Just what I wanted .... Thank you :)

LD 16/04/19

Cheap. Good delivery. Good communications. Good after sales service. Recommended.

IB 15/04/19

Works as well as my old one which was more expensive

TS 12/04/19

Thank you for a quick transaction.

LR 12/04/19

Cheaper and recommended by your tester

DH 11/04/19

Have ordered from you before.

KT 11/04/19

Hi Linda, thank you for your prompt response and for clearing this up for us. Easy mistake to make as we are all so used to seeing the (dd-mm-yyyy) UK format for the date hence the mix up. Thanks again, I will pass this information on to those concerned.

LM 10/04/19

Fantastic product thanks.

TS 10/04/19

Happy with purchase.

GB 09/04/19

Very very much 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 with my product I bought this from a great company who gives you first class service please order from this company Like me u will not be disappointed u have tried the rest now try the best glad I ordered from this great company

IS 08/04/19

Everything as advertised. This is a regular re-order and will continue to be. Excellent service.

TC 08/04/19

Hi Linda thank you so much. 

PE 08/04/19

Referred by marketing.

KC 08/04/19

Existing customer

SF 08/04/19

This item has arrived early on Saturday that's what I call 📞 very good customer service iam very happy 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 very worth buying.

IS 07/04/19


MK 06/04/19

Perfect service & top quality product.

WK 05/04/19

Thank you very much

AB 04/04/19

Easy to use On Call Plus II kit for an amazing price. Recommended. Thanks.

JS 01/04/19

Delivery very good and on time easy to purchase.

LA 01/04/19

March 2019 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Already an eBay customer.

SF 31/03/19

Found by Google search. Buying because cheaper then Amazon.

JR 30/3/19

Thanks very much for your prompt response - replacements received.

LS 29/03/19

Works brilliantly.

NB 29/03/19

Thanking you stacks! :-)

GS 28/03/19

Fast delivery/ Recommend seller/ 100% genuine/ Excellently priced.

SS 27/03/19

I received my money back today . Thank you for making the returns process so easy!

GS 26/03/19

Hi Linda. That's good to know. Thank you very much. Kind regards.

A 26/03/19

Read article in eastlife magazine

LM 25/03/19

Reviews gave the info you're more competitive to buy from direct

MB 22/03/19

Previous purchase

DS 21/03/19

Completely satisfied with purchase.

DG 20/3/19

As described works perfectly.

BB 19/3/19

Very happy with purchase thank you.

IC 18/3/19

Thank you for addressing my problems look forward to trying the new batch and ordering from you in the future.

GM 15/3/19

This item is exactly as described perfect worth every penny will use again 100%

MG 15/3/19

Love this.

HE 14/3/19

Great item, thank you!

BR 13/3/19

Great service really great to deal with.

ST 12/3/19

Googled urine test strips. Good price and, especially, free p

CF 11/3/19

Thank you very much indeed Linda. That is very kind of you indeed. I will look out for the package in the next couple of days. Regards.

JB 11/3/19

Fast delivery. Great product saves guessing your uric acid levels.

FS 8/3/19

Only supplier at this price...

MG 7/3/19

I've just received my order successfully!! Thank you so much for your help!

RP 7/3/19

Excellent service! Item malfunctioned at first but seller offered lots of help.

NS 6/3/19

Great thank you.

LM 6/3/19

Just perfect thank you.

RT 5/3/19

Excellent service at very good prices.

RP 4/3/19

Thank you, much appreciated.

SM 4/3/19

Many thanks for the info Linda, will remember next time. Strips arrived today, thanks for prompt service.

BB 4/3/19

Thank you didn't realise they wouldn't fit my monitor.

JG 1/3/19

Previous purchaser

RT 1/3/19

February 2019 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Awesome item! Thank you arrived in good time.

BG 28/2/19

Fast efficient service

TF 27/2/19

Thank you for getting back to me. I have just ordered one from your link. Many thanks 

MP 26/2/19

Thank you very much.

BS 22/2/19

Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly I'll get them sent back to you many thanks.

DA 21/2/19

Google search. Able to purchase all 3 items as a combo pack thus saving on the cost of individual items.

RS 20/2/19

This is just what I need to check my dog's heart rate. Great price too.

JB 19/2/19

Smooth easy purchase with very quick delivery. Very satisfied customer.

GG 19/2/19

That’s great thank you so much.

LI 18/2/19

Replacement arrived really promptly today and is perfect. Already baptised on a busy ED shift. Many thanks

JS 18/2/19

Online search. bought via amazon before and v. pleased with service.

DD 15/2/19

Items despatched promptly, as always.

WD 15/2/19

Hi. That’s great. Thanks

JA 14/2/19

Dear sir or Madam,  Many thanks for your prompt reply. What great service. Yours faithfully, SK.

SK 14/2/19

Good value. Recommendation

FS 14/2/19

Sphygmomanometer works well, comes with good instructions, simple to use. Recommend to medical students.

PO 13/2/19

Excellent, many thanks. AAA*****

KR 13/2/19

Hiya, I rang the post office and they said my parcel was being held there, I went to collect it today and I now have it. Thank you for your cooperation.

CW 12/2/19

Absolutely brilliant service fast delivery.

NB 12/2/19

As described, well wrapped sent with speed, lovely item x

BC 11/2/19

Luv the item will defo buy again ... it's beautiful.

SG 8/2/19

Arrived earlier than I expected.

MR 7/2/19

Have used this site before.

SC 6/2/19

Very Good Quality Product n nice packaging, top seller.

SS 5/2/19


GS 4/2/19

Brilliant service, arrived within a couple of days. Always great to have these sticks in the house to check if I have an infection. Recommend this seller and sticks. 

TE 1/2/19

Great item thank you.

AM 1/2/19

January 2019 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Diabetes UK website forum.

GL 31/1/19

Well packed, fast delivery, deal again no problems A*****

GR 30/1/19

Super fast delivery. Highly recommend. Thank you.

HM 29/1/19

Thank you very much for your prompt reply and for sending a new lancing device kind regards

KJ 29/1/19

Bought from you previously & had extremely quick delivery & products were good quality for a low price. I hope it is the same again this time!!

VM 28/1/19

Hi Linda,
Thanks again for such a prompt response. Great service!

AS 28/1/19

Found you on the internet. More strips to keep me going! Your price for strips are cheaper than other sites. Thank you

RK 25/1/19

Great service, we made a mistake on ordering. They sorted immediately.

AD 25/1/19

Excellent & Trusted Seller with great communication... A*

MS 24/1/19

Helen was very helpful, to a complete newbie to all of this! I just hope I don't get lots of failed readings as some people seem to get!

JW 23/1/19

Fast delivery thank you.

MA 22/1/19

Hi Linda. That's good to know. Thank you very much. Kind regards.

AK 21/1/19


AC 21/1/19

Item arrived on time. The pen works well. No problems.

MH 18/1/19

Good product and worries... great transaction.

GR 18/1/19

Super 10/10 Thank you :)

SR 17/1/19

Received the item the next day. There is an abundance of instructions and resources on how to use the product which is great. Not yet used the product but very happy with the efficient service

SW 16/1/19

Got these because of a kidney infection. Work perfectly to let me know the antibiotics had done their job, and used a couple of times afterwards to check it hadn't come back.

UP 16/1/19

Received my item. Pleased with service. Thank you.

JJ 16/1/19

Better than any "top branded" toothbrush I have used. Battery amazing.

MT 15/1/19

Hi Kathy, that's great. Thank you !! Best Regards. V.

VS 15/1/19

Excellent thanks.

MS 15/1/19

Found via searching product direct on google. Cheaper than Ebay and amazon and easier site to navigate. Thanks.

DN 14/1/19

Good item - fast delivery.

SP 11/1/19

Fantastic seller. Very understandable.

DW 10/1/19

Great item. Thank you. A ++

CM 9/1/19

Great service and knowledge of products!

DS 8/1/19

online via review on amazon

MS 7/1/19

found light weight hammer for neonates on your website

PP 7/1/19

No control with easylife hb kit.Found you on the internet.More strips to keep me going! Your price for strips are cheaper than other sites

RK 7/1/19

OK lovely that s great! Thanks for advice.

LL 4/1/19

Item as expected, quick delivery, happy buyer.

BG 3/01/2019

Thank you so much, great service.

MS 3/1/2019

Nice blood monitor kit good seller :)

DN 2/1/2019

Thank you. I have left positive feedback for you. Thank you for being understanding.

PE 2/1/2019

December 2018 feedback, reviews and customer comments

As described excellent toothbrush.

AB 28/12/18

Everything fine. Thank you.

PM 27/12/18

Dear Linda. Received your email. Thank you so much for your reply and kind words and of course for upgrading the postage .... very thoughtful of you.

MN 24/12/18

As a care worker these pen torches are brilliant for my needs and fit in pocket well.

IC 22/12/18

Item as described, fast delivery .. Thank you.

HA 21/12/18

Thank you very much, the meter came today as you said it would. I hope you have a very very merry Christmas and happy new year. Thank you for the Meter.

ML 20/12/18


PH 20/12/18

Ordered as a present for a student midwife who was really pleased with it.

CV 19/12/18

Nice quality item at good price. Thank you.

MP 18/12/18

Ah that’s great Linda, thank you so much and for your great customer service! 
Positive feedback to follow! 
Merry Christmas to you.
AL 18/12/18

Hi. Recieved the meter today, absolutely superb thank you!

LB 17/12/18

Perfecto, como siemre. Soy cliente habitual! A *****

Perfect, as always. I am a regular customer!

MC 17/12/18

Great item, all as described and fast delivery too. 
Very pleased with purchase.

MD 14/12/18

That's great. Thank you

CM 13/12/18

Top item just what I wanted.

EH 13/12/18

Had a phone call within minutes of ordering to offer a similar item as the one I ordered was not in stock. Replacement was great and the customer service excellent.

ZM 12/12/18

Thank you, Linda. I am very happy 😃.

MM 12/12/18

As described and prompt.

MG 12/12/18

Found you on Google. Meter seems best value.

PB 12/12/18

Product, price and delivery very good.

JA 11/12/18

Nice item and recommend seller

CB 10/12/18


Thanks a lot, much appreciated. 

JF 7/12/18

As ever, always fast service. Thx!

ED 7/12/18

Previously ordered from you

ZT 6/12/18

Found you by browsing internet.

MK 5/12/18

Easy,  did what I wanted

RA 5/12/18

Received order today many thanks. Post office sent it to wrong address. Thank you for your reply.
PH 4/12/18

I had a very informative discussion with Dr Garside who referred to this item as an effective way to detect the severity of Ulcerative Colitis flare-ups

AD 3/12/18

That's great. Thank you.

IS 3/12/18

November 2018 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Received with thanks :D cheers.

MP 30/11/18

Recommended by a friend.

RH 30/11/18

Sheer excellence in quality & delivery. Happy customer.

MM 29/11/18

Used Valuemed previously. Found you on Google

NL 28/11/18

I already use u for my keto strips

KB 28/11/18 

Brilliant fast transaction

GD 28/11/18

Really pleased lovely.

NB 27/11/18

Excellent quality for the money.

KC 26/11/18

Previous customer.

BM 23/11/18

 I use these strips all the time .Always prompt with fulfilling the order and they are a good price.

CO 23/11/18

Word of mouth from satisfied customer!

DS 22/11/18

 Thank you for the confirmation. Greatly appreciated. Kind Regards

SK 21/11/18

Excellent. Couldn't be better.

FR 21/11/18

Arrived super quick, amazing quality! I love it.

BW 20/11/18

Was told about this site when i got my testing kit

CD 19/11/18

Very effective urine strips for testing for presence of abnormalities. Good expiry date . Need to follow storage instructions as my last ones I ordered were left in a caravan and were unusable. Well recommended.

KL 17/11/18

Excellent service a top product! Thank you!

AM 16/11/18

Excellent piece of kit. I'm a student nurse and needed the extra practice for OSCE's. Does what it says on the tin, and very happy with it. Great service and quick delivery

MJ 16/11/18

I found this side on web sites. My friend told me about it.

JS 15/11/18

Just top of Google!

PD 15/11/18

Perfect, glad I bought it! Thank you very much for your prompt response and delivery.

TB 14/11/18

Thats Great! Thank You very much. 
Kind Regards

CR 14/11/18

Perfect, exactly what I was looking for.

MM 13/11/18

For "years almost", on and off I have thought it would be a good idea to have the opportunity to measure blood haemoglobin (and cholesterol, ok) at home, not having to bother your GP. I must have been googling the possibility a couple of times earlier; yesterday it struck me to give it another try. And your meters popped up!

KM 12/11/18

Thank you very much for your prompt response. I have received the replacement tags this morning.

KD 12/11/18

Top seller! Highly recommended ! A *****

BT 9/11/18 

No worries thanks for all your help in this 

EA 9/11/18

Well, that’s remarkably kind of you. 
Didn’t need to do that but many thanks. 
The reason I was a little anxious was that I have slightly discoloured urine and have to wait a few days to see the doc. 

BH 9/11/18

Very pleased with service and goods.

PH 8/11/18

Cheaper than anywhere else.

DG 7/11/18

I really appreciate all your efforts in this, thank you for trying to help me.  

EA 7/11/18

Thank for taking the trouble to explain. Your communication is great.
AC 7/11/18

A well packed quick delivery.

RP 6/11/18

Looks like a good product, prompt shipping.

CN 5/11/18

A post on recommended your special offer

MK 4/11/18

A + deffo would deal with again.

RL 2/11/18

Very nice fork good transaction many thanks.

ET 1/11/18

A1 thank you :)

DD 1/11/18


October 2018 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Good Item
BT 31/10/18
Found from link on uk site, I have an interest in testing for Ketones
RM 30/10/18
Hi Linda. This is much appreciated, thank you very much
EA 29/10/18
Excellent news!!. Thank you for the quick reply.
J 29/10/18
Recommended by a fellow diabetes sufferer, on the forum website.
VM 26/10/18
Thank you for phoning to assist me with setting up this monitor - it now works perfectly and I am about to cancel the ‘return request’.
5* feedback will be given.
Once again, thank you!
GT 25/10/18
I received excellent help from the seller.
MM 25/10/18
Appears to work well, good piece of kit.
AT 25/10/18
DS 24/10/18
Word of mouth. Like the cost and you seem a reliable supplier - my current ketone meter is being discontinued so strips are not easy to obtain.
YL 23/10/18
Thanks. Satisfied customer.
JB 22/10/18
Great item, just what I was looking for, thank you.
FB 19/10/18
I found site when I bought my ketone monitor ,I find the site fantastic and also very reasonable ,great service
KB 18/10/18
No one else seems to sell this cable. found you through google
PK 18/10/18
Excellent service and products
LS 17/10/18
Top notch
PD 16/10/18
Arrived quick, just what my Grandson wanted & good quality.
AM 16/10/18
Returning customer.
JB 15/10/18
Great service quick delivery work great.
RW 12/10/18
Perfect service and product Is exactly as described, highly recommend 5 stars ☆☆☆☆☆
GR 11/10/18
Fast delivery ** thanks.
CD 11/10/18
Order arrived a day earlier than expected and once all the information had been read found that the equipment was easy to use.
GD 10/10/18
Great seller. Would recommend.
AS 10/10/18
Works great. Speedy delivery. Thanks loads.
CH 10/10/18
A very good pinard, can hear very clearly through it.
JF 9/10/18
Fast and well packed. Will buy again. Product as described. Thank you.
SM 8/10/18
Great thank you.
CB 8/10/18 
Thanks again for your kindness, I'll be sure to put more business your way =)
CM 5/10/18
Excellent service and speedy delivery.
PM 5/10/18
Hi Linda,
Many thanks for the replacement strips which arrived yesterday. In the current commercial climate it is refreshing to find a company which adheres to traditional values of customer care. I have no hesitation in giving you the highest possible recommendation and endorsement.
Once again many thanks,
BA 4/10/18
No problems. Thanks for responding - I have ordered and can't wait for it to arrive - thanks for the quick dispatch too!
MT 4/10/18
Fantastic price with a super fast delivery time.
SM 4/10/18
Very pleased with this item. It is as good as it looks, well packaged and well priced, would recommend.
SW 3/10/18
Excellent test for Urinalysis. A1 seller
HC 3/10/18
Easy to fit and works fine. 
MR 3/10/18
Very pleased, thank you.
LL 3/10/18
Great communication. A pleasure to do business with.

CM 2/10/18

Can I beg for your forgiveness.... I have just read the instructions and one side is meant to work at a time....
They are both perfect and that should teach me a lesson!
Thanks for your rapid response and help, but don't expect a stethoscope in the post as it's fine haha.
Apologies again

EG 2/10/18

Found via Google search. Cheaper than amazon

SM 1/10/18

Very Good Quality Product

SS 1/10/18

Very good seller. Fast shipping, good contact. Product as described. I recommend.

MZ 1/10/18

Instructions easy to follow. Helped establish that there was an infection in order to go back to GP.

KB 1/10/18

September 2018 feedback, reviews and customer comments

If used correctly gives reliable results - have used these before, recommended.

DC 30/9/18

Good fast service will use again thanks.

CB 28/9/18

Found on Google. Reasonable prices.

RM 27/9/18

Good product

C 27/9/18

Great product which arrived on time with prompt response to requests / questions - thank you!

MW 26/9/18

Was pleased with the delivery

LB 25/9/18

Fast delivery of compatible lancets for my machine,exactly as was described.Thank you.

TE 24/9/18

Excellent really reliable product and service.

DL 24/9/18

Quick delivery and good product. Would definitely use again

AY 24/9/18

For the money a good product.

MH 21/91/8

Perfect tool for my job as a nurse , the tuning fork works well.

SB 21/9/18

Will recommend others to do business with this seller.

CM 20/9/18

I ordered the Ketone Meter kit off of you from Ebay - I loved your amazing service and fast delivery - Thank you.

AL 20/9/18

Fast delivery with reasonable quality packaging, although outer container did slightly suffer from being transported via the postal process. Excellent supplier.

LO 20/9/18

Come in nice packaging good for the money .

LS 20/9/18

Nice devise. Works well with the lancets which I am using.

ML 18/9/18

Cheapest Ketone test strips.

MJ 18/9/18

Thanks and much appreciated.

MA 18/9/18

Thank you very much

DA 17/9/18

OK for what I need and cheaper than prescription.

AH 17/9/18

OK for what I need and cheaper than prescription

AH 17/9/18

Good. will shop again

BD 16/9/18

Easy to use dip sticks, with easy to read sheet. Quick and easy delivery coupled with a great cheap price. A must for easy and quick diagnostic checks, but you have to understand the results.

KM 15/9/18

Great quality, compact thermometer at a great price. Comes with a protective case. Easy to use. The digital screen is very user friendly. Comes with full instructions that are clear & concise. I highly recommend this product

JJ 15/9/18

First time buying , saved waiting at doctors surgery , arrived very quickly .
MC 14/9/18

Arrived safely thank you, sorry for late feedback

CM 14/9/18

lovely item well made and to high standard thanks

SD 13/9/18

Great for checking at home for uti.

LD 12/9/18

Efficient service, no problems

WL 12/9/18

Very quick delivery.

KK 11/9/18

Pleased with item and service.

PS 10/9/18

Good product, good price, would buy again.

CR 10/9/18

Superfast!! Thank you very much. Greetings from..

TS 10/9/18

When I purchased my meter it had your address inside the package I'm glad it did.

KB 10/9/18

Very pleased with the prompt delivery and item received.

BF 8/9/18

Item went a little past thedelivery date but that was no problem.the sticks arrived well packed,and securely contained.Saved a very hard to arrange doctors appointment.

JD 8/9/18

The link worked perfectly. I've ordered another cuff and it's on its way to me. Thank you so much for your help, 

LU 7/9/18


Hi Linda. That's great! Thank you very much for taking the time to sort this out - I appreciate it.Thanks again,

LH 7/9/18

Thank you

JC 7/9/18

Great thank you.
AB 6/9/18

Good strips for regular testing of urine, well done for giving at this price.

KS 5/9/18

Ok great thank u.

GS 5/9/18

Fab, delighted with it all. Great service, and helpful equipment.

LR 5/9/18

Fast delivery. Thanks and I RECOMMEND.

HB 4/9/18

Perfect in every way

DL 4/9/18

Thank you very much Linda.
You have been very kind.
TI 3/9/18

Arrived safe and sound 5*s all round well deserved thanks 

TM 2/9/18

Amazing seller,5*****Rating,happy ebuyer

WB 1/9/18

Arrived when expected and a good service from ADTUK Ltd. They are the correct one for my on call diabetics testing kit and will be suitable for the next two years.

DP 1/9/18

August 2018 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Linda led me here.

JP 31/8/18

Hi Linda - many thanks for that. I've placed another order for the lancets. I do like your pricker and it's really nice and smooth to operate unlike these cheap Accuchek ones that I've been using for 58 years as an insulin dependent diabetic I've seen it all! It's good to try something different until maybe the Abbott Libre makes finger pricking a thing of the past. Getting it on the NHS has proved a big problem. Postal Lottery with these CCG ' s - not good.

JO 31/8/18

Thank you for your response and the info
I'll certainly have a look into this item for a possible purchase..
DF 31/8/18

Fast delivery and good product great service

BW 31/8/18

Good product. Arrived 3 days early. Excellent service.

JB 30/8/18

Recommended by a friend ( sports coach). Found your Tel no. on ebay and given your Website details by sales, to order. (most helpful)

DS 30/8/18

Many thanks for the prompt dispatch.

MO 30/8/18

Quality Product. Fast Delivery. 100% Perfect

BP 29/8/18

I must apologise.  This was a post office error.  I phoned and asked for an explanation.  The item had been marked as an unregistered franking machine, I asked them to double check and they agreed it was a mistake.  The item has now been delivered without charge. 
Very sorry 
SD 29/8/18

Fast and friendly service.
CR 28/8/18

Great Item, Fast Dispatch, Excellent Communication, Well Packaged, Thanks! 5*s

AN 28/8/18

Good transaction, Fast service.......Thank You.

TF 27/8/18

Great site

KB 24/8/18

Have used Valuemed before

KK 24/8/18

Excellent service.

SH 24/8/18

As expected , good value.

AF 24/8/18

Great service and postage. Excellent.
AB 23/8/18

Light and works very well. Would definitely recommend this Tuning Fork.

TP 23/8/18

As described: on time and good price.
DR 23/8/18

Excellent for the price.
NG 23/8/18

Returning customer

BM 22/8/18

That’s brilliant thanks for quick replies .

LK 21/8/18

Many thanks, regards.

KB 20/8/18

Perfect quick order good customer service thanks

LK 20/8/18

That's wonderful Linda...Thank you 

DB 20/8/18

Found site on Google. It was the exact product I was looking for at a reasonable price.

HM 19/8/18

Very pleased fast delivery exactly as described on listing.

KT 17/8/18

A little difficult to set up but once set up its great, definitely happy with this product, come in a nice pouch.

LM 17/8/18

Thank You very much. Best Wishes.

JM 17/8/18

I inquired online thru the supplier at amazon and recommended this website. Please can I order with long expiry- I was told stocks are till August 2019 which is good. 

NS 16/8/18

Bought from before - happy to recommend. Thanks again

MD 16/8/18

Just what I needed...Very well Packaged. Will buy again...Thank you.

MA 16/8/18

That is very kind, thank you very much.

CH 15/8/18

Wanted a keto meter - bought from Amazon looked for strips - good price

ID 14/8/18

Arrived safe and sound 5*s all round well deserved thanks.

MB 14/8/18

Very happy, thank you xx

TG 14/8/18

Hi, Thank you so much.
Kind Regards,
SP 14/8/18

Used Valuemed before

DW 13/8/18

Thank you, I hope to do business with you again.

DM 13/8/18

Brilliant as usual. Many thanks. A1.

WF 13/8/18

Excellent condition and swift postage. Many thanks.

CJ 13/8/18

Good value for money.

DV 12/8/18

Fantastic service.

PG 11/8/18

This was simply a gift for my two year old granddaughter who is obsessed with all things medical, and has a number of very simple toy stethoscope. She absolutely loves her new "deathoscope" and is fascinated by what she can hear with it! 
LW 10/8/18

Very good.

EL 10/8/18

As described  and arrived when it said it would.

HB 9/8/18

Good morning... I have received the stethoscope I ordered. Thank you so much. I love it. 

PM 8/8/18

Item works perfectly, contacted seller re warranty and received very pleasant and clear response within 24 hours

PW 7/8/18

Retired pharmacist.

JB 7/8/18

Good item as described, fast delivery.

SM 7/8/18

It's just the job.

TW 7/8/18

Hi Linda, thank you for prompt service, I apologise if I was rude in my first messages I sent to you,I am a pensioner and my GP wanted me to take statins, I refused and decided to control my cholesterol myself through diet,that`s why I was impatient to get test strips as I had bought the meter tester ,I will buy from you again based on your customer service to me, thank you, have a good day Regards

MM 6/8/18

Fast delivery, these tests are very accurate.

BW 6/8/18

Quick delivery. Perfect description. Good price.

JB 5/8/18

Thank you! Great item. Fantastic service. Thank you.

LO 4/8/18

Perfect,quick delivery,thanks very much

MG 3/8/18

So much more comfortable for the patient than the rubber type tourniquet.

CL 3/8/18

Good patella hammer, very sturdy, and light.

KP 3/8/18

Purchased from you before.

ZB 2/8/18

Good service

AF 1/8/18

Works and is easy to use.

EM 1/8/18

Purchased from you before

ZB 1/8/18

July 2018 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Item arrived quickly and as described. A+++++ Many thanks

LF 31/7/18

Product as described, arrived in good condition, on date as promised.

BC 31/7/18

Item arrived promptly and in excellent condition, thank you.

JH 30/7/18

Many thanks... Purchased... Regards.

PA 30/7/18

Excellent thank you.

AD 28/7/18

Useful strips to test for uti before going to doc.

WT 28/7/18

Perfect - incredible delivery time. These Testing Strips are capable of all Symptom Tests. Recommended.

AS 27/7/18


Does want it says on the bottle, good buy!

BS 26/7/18

Arrived quickly thank you

CC 25/7/18

Used this web site before and is the only place you can buy the EASYLIFE control solution from

TC 24/7/18

Hi Linda, thank you very much so kind of you. Have a super evening.

ES 23/7/18

Found you on internet. Need new tourniquet for work ASAP

AT 23/7/18

Arrived on time as always.

MM 22/7/18

Thank you for your speedy response. I have indeed just purchased the ketone blood strips. Thanks for being so accommodating and have a lovely weekend.

SD 21/7/18

Great deal thank you and wow on the delivery time.

MN 20/7/18

Great item just what I needed and very fast delivery.

LC 20/7/18

Previous customer.

JB 19/7/18

Just as described,fast delivery thank you 

SR 19/7/18

Works great, helps me understand more about my own health.

BD 19/7/18

I found your site when using Google to search for an economical ketone testing solution for my ketogenic diet. The On Call solution you stock is accurate and good value compared to, say, Gluco RX HCT. Many thanks.

ER 18/7/18

 Great item, quick delivery, perfect. Many thanks, 

CL 17/7/18

Trouble free transaction.

EC 16/7/18

Great product. Quick and free delivery. Would highly recommend and will purchase again.

SL 16/7/18

Quick delivery, product as described, thank you.

JK 13/7/18 

First Class Customer Service and great product....very impressed!!
NM 13/7/18

I found this to be a good website.
SH 12/7/18

Thanks a lot... This is the best customer service I ever encountered...
J 12/7/18

Super transaction. Thank you very much.
SG 11/7/18

Excellent all round thank u
SL 11/7/18

Excellent Service. well done! 

Used b4
DM 6/7/18

Found via Amazon UK
JH 5/7/18

Looked you up
DH 5/7/18

Thanks for sending me the item,I really appreciate your help and I am going to send the other one tomorrow. Let me mention one point that as a seller, you deserve the word excellent with 5 star which I will definitely give you once I post the other machine . 
Once again thank you and have great day.
N M 4/7/18

That’s perfect thank you.
AB 2/7/18

Very quick delivery. Many thanks
HH 1/7/18

June 2018 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Brilliant glucose machine/Quick delivery/Excellently priced/Easy to use/Recommended.
SS 29/6/18

That's great, may thanks for your help.
MB 28/6/18

Great item, speedy delivery. Highly recommended.

Great service, top quality product.
PS 27/6/18

Thank you very much.
KV 26/6/18

Many thanks for that Kathy, much appreciated.
SC 26/6/18

Hassle free purchase.
MB 25/6/18

Does what it says great product I would use it every time
DT 23/6/18

A great buying experience. Fast delivery and item exactly as ordered.
DR 23/6/18

As usual very satisfied.
CS 22/6/18

Arrived on time and exactly as discribed.
MY 22/6/18

I hadn’t worked out the dimensions when I ordered it so was surprised how small it was but works so much better than the last one I had.
RS 21/6/18

Fab fast delivery thanks.
MH 21/6/18

Quick service
AC 20/6/18

Revived very quickly even on 2nd class very easy to use n gets you the answers you obviously need very happy thank you
CA 20/6/18

Good Morning.
I understand about the sensitive nature, thank you very much for the feedback.
Best Regards.
AJ 18/6/18

All going great up to now, thank you very much for your business and supplying the product
N 18/6/18 

Thanks very much and apologies for your trouble
LP 18/6/18

Hi Linda
Just an update I have received the recorded parcel today, Thank you for dealing quickly with the problem.
If the original turns up I will contact You straight away.
I have left positive feedback.
SR 15/6/18

Very good item - good price - thanks!!
HR 15/6/18

Found Valuemed word of mouth.
JS 14/6/18

Thank you very much for your help Linda.
Many thanks,
OW 13/6/18

Found you when looking for lancing device on the net.
DJ 13/6/18

That's great, thank you very much. 
BH 12/6/18

Internet search for product availability
LC 11/6/18

Friend recommendation
RU 11/6/18

Value for money
MC 10/6/18

Product ticked all boxes
FT 10/6/18

Clear and easy to understand
AO 9/6/18

Good Price
NT 9/6/18

Chosen for specific product details
LN 8/6/18

Professional advice
PJ 8/6/18

Great service thank you
BJ 7/6/18

Thank you. Very good seller. Trust 100%
GJ 7/6/18

Good fast delivery
TT 6/6/18

That's great, thank you very much. 
KB 6/6/18

Found you on Youtube
PA 3/6/18

Great fun for all the family! Pee on them and they change colour! Pure magic on a stick.
TH 1/6/18

Top-class item and service.
NW 1/6/18

Arrived next day and exactly whatI was looking for and worked a treat!
BR 1/6/18

May 2018 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Thank you for clarifying that for me. Very useful to know!
KO 31/5/18

Pretty easy to use.
DW 31/5/18

Excellent and prompt service. Thankyou
BH 30/5/18

Rapid delivery, great product! Would highly recommend
PD 28/5/18

Really good service excellent product. Thanks
JM 28/5/18

I have only used once so far as it does suggest that you do not need to test any more often than 2-4 years, however having just survived a stroke I am going to test every week till my cholesterol is back to normal, then once a month to keep check. Easy to use when you READ the instructions FULLY first, and works very well indeed. Also does blood sugar and uric acid, so very good value for money
JC 28/5/18

Great product, very happy with the purchase.
CI 26/5/18

Quick delivery. Product exactly as described
PR 25/5/18

Positive feedback rating.Great item, well packed, quick delivery- would buy again Thank you
MD 25/5/18

100 FED Blood Glucose Strips Excellent service as always Would recommend A+++
WH 25/5/18

Perfect ... thank you.
CW 24/5/18

Hi, thank you for your immediate answer, which will be very helpful, I will do that, according to your instructions.
BA 24/5/18

Quick delivery, well protected and good value for money.
BO 23/5/18

Found you after a YouTube search for how to read ketone sticks.
SM 22/5/18

Excellent product prompt delivery thankyou.
EM 22/5/18

Excellent service. I am delighted.
AT 22/5/18

Does the job very well.
HM 21/5/18

Very easy to order and a pleasant experience from start to a prompt delivery. Thank you.
BS 21/5/18

Great product and super fast delivery
LC 21/5/18

Arrived quickly, well packed good product.
GI 19/5/18

Excellent very simplified to use and accurately done.
LA 18/5/18

Easy to use and understand, results easy to read.
PB 18/5/18

Excellent value and really fast delivery. Thank you

Quick and reliable service.
PR 17/5/18

Thank you quick delivery will buy from again.
NG 16/5/18

Did what you want it to.
LK 16/5/18

Pleased with my item.
LT 15/5/18

Perfect just what I needed thank you.
TI 15/5/18

Ok chick thank you 
We’re new to all this and will make sure I get the right ones in the future.
Thank you so much
SG 14/5/18

Very good
CS 14/5/18

This item has arrived thanks very much for doing this.
MF 11/5/18

Chose this site after telecon with your Customer Services
DM 10/5/18

Excellent item, would recommend this Seller. A*****
PK 10/5/18

Was very fast and meets the description! Thanks.
MD 10/5/18

Great quality product, arrived on time. Would recommend.
RH 9/5/18

Better price than others available for 10 things it tests for. Arrived next morning so very happy.
KH 9/5/18

Hello Dr Garside,
Thank you so much for your speedy reply, everything is working just fine now, please excuse my ignorance in this matter.
Yours respectfully
HP 9/5/18

Testing procedure was easily followed as laid out in the instruction leaflet which came with the kits. 
SR 8/5/18

Dear Linda, Thank you, I would be so grateful if you could send me a new meter. Thank you for your time and help.
NG 8/5/18

Thank you very much appreciated .
MF 8/5/18

Perfect and fast delivery, thank you.
EN 5/5/18

Hi Linda
Thank you for your message and your attention to the order placed, I am extremely grateful for your amendment and corecttion of the strips, thank you again it has been a pleasure doing business with you and rest assured I will be placing more orders with yourselves x
DM 4/5/18

Much better than my old one.
JW 2/5/18

Purchase for preschool dress up/imagination play. Great products for the price and the children love them.
BC 2/5/18

Oh thank you so much,
I was only diagnosed with diabetes on Friday so I'm new to all this!
Thank god for the internet lol
Thanks for being so helpful.
JE 2/5/18

I found this website easy to use.
DT 4/5/18

Easy to use.
MK 02/05/18

Could not have asked for better service. Brilliant. Thank you.
DW 1/5/18

Excellent service and products
LS 1/5/18

April 2018 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Excellent product, excellent service. 
MM 30/4/18

You were recommended by my Vet.
MG 29/4/18

Previous customer
SW 27/4/18

Thank you , I can see where my confusion was now. I was trying to find the information on the bottle of control solution for me reading the instructions that is what I understood . But in fact the control solution range is on the test strip bottle. Thanks for your help
JP 27/4/18

Fast delivery many thanks.
WG 26/4/18

Great product, great price, quick delivery, great seller.
AJ 26/4/18

Great item, thank you very much!
SF 26/4/18

Very happy thank you x
SS 26/4/18

Brilliant thanks it's great so I can check my Labradors sugar.
CT 25/4/18

Yes..I want a meter at home and in my bag.
Thanks again.
SW 24/4/18

Never had to use a test before, but it was very effective, did what it said on the tin, and delivery time very good, I have just ordered more
GH 24/4/18

Thank you for correcting my order.
SW 24/4/18

I was advised by my Vet to use these tests. 
MG 24/4/18

Thank you so much for your message, yes I had meant to order those ones. Thanks again.
JE 23/4/18

Hi I received this item today ok very nice thanks.
KB 23/4/18

My Doctor found this on your site.
VG 23/4/18

I have used you before.
PE 22/4/18

Great product and does the job! 
KF 20/4/18

Thanks very much for such a speedy response.
CG 20/4/18

Excellent quality.
CC 19/4/18

Accurate readings A1+ 
RD 18/4/18

All went very well and I thank you for your prompt service. 
MB 18/4/18

We felt we needed to test our boys for diabetes we brought this produce to test em found it really straight forward.
WM 18/4/18

All went very well and I thank you for your prompt service. 
MW 18/4/18

Thanks so much for that.
PC 18/4/18

Found your site through word of mouth.
MH 17/4/18

Good product fantastic delivery.
RM 16/4/18

Very useful kit. Have ordered one before.
JE 16/4/18

Prompt delivery. Good quality
NH 16/4/18

Excellent service 
JS 16/4/18

Arrived on time, product works fine. Thank you 
JG 16/4/18

Brilliant meter.
SA 15/4/18

Thank you very much Linda!
Just bought them !!
EC 13/4/18

Kate, that's great news :) thanks so much
CR 13/4/18

Found Valuemed via a Colleague
TK 13/4/18

Great item 
DN 12/4/18

Excellent service.
MB 12/4/18

The website causes problems when it comes to selecting my delivery address, so I was forced to use Paypal. It's annoying not being able to simply enter my debit card and pay.
EM 11/4/18

Always arrives on time anda reasonable price, has all the tests I need.
RK 11/4/18

We always use this supplier, excellent service, recommend.
FL 11/4/18

Quick delivery.
PA 11/4/18

Great Service from ADTUK Ltd
RH 10/4/18

Excellent service.
PF 10/4/18

Arrived quickly, great price thanks, 5*
JM 10/4/158

Arrived on time, well packed 
FT 9/4/18

Quick delivery thanks. 
DD 8/4/18

Very easy to navigate.
JC 7/4/18

Excellent item and service
MHC 6/4/18

Very quick delivery. Glucometer easy to use.
D 5/4/18

That's great, thank you very much.
Kind Regards, 
LM 4/4/18

Excellent seller, excellent product and recommended.
MO 3/4/18

Item as described. Quick delivery. Would use again. A+
WH 2/4/18

March 2018 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Good quality product arrive fast. Trusted Seller”.
TS 29/3/18

Excellent seller.and products.
MD 29/3/18

Great item, fast delivery. Excellent customer service. Highly recommended.
SL 28/3/18

Good price and delivered well packaged and on time.
BK 28/3/18

Arrived the next day which was wonderful, effective kit , that has given me piece of mind. 
CB 27/3/18

Great communication
EC 26/3/18

Thank you Linda.
RJ 26/3/18

Thank you so much.
MM 26/3/18

Easy transaction/prompt delivery.
EC 23/3/18

As described, well packaged, good comms, fast delivery. Thanks
LM 23/3/18

Thank you for your prompt response and I look forward to receiving the goods.
AG 22/3/18 

Thank you for getting back to me. Thank you very much for your help.
FC 22/3/18

Yes that is perfect.
TK 21/3/18

Repeat order.
MS 21/3/18

Good quality product and efficient delivery.
FW 21/3/18

My little one loves her Dr outfit ...One happy girl one happy mammy .
SR 21/3/18

Fantastic service.
GM 20/3/18

Great quality perfect for the purpose of being a nurse.
LY 20/3/18

Thats great news Linda. Thank you so much for letting me know!
ZE 19/3/18

Swift delivery, good product for the price.
PR 18/3/18

Very quick delivery
RE 18/3/18

Found this 100% positive' ' confirmed with hospital test ''' 
SM 17/3/18

Nice bit of equipment for low price 
BP 17/3/18

Ok Linda, many thanks for the reply.
BB 15/3/18

Thanks Linda. You have been a great help.
DK 14/3/18

Fast delivery, good product 
EP 14/3/18

Excellent all round service 
DP 13/3/18

Linda, thankyou for this, appreciate the great customer service. Many thanks.
PD 13/3/18

AK 10/3/18

This is a great thing to have in the cupboard, my daughter has repeated urine infections, since having these and monitors her urine, she hasn't had a uti but will know in advance to get her to the doctors before it gets bad .
SM 9/3/18

Thank you so much.
ED 8/3/18

Thanks for postage refund, service is great. It was delivered the next day. Will forward good feedback. Thanks.
PH 8/3/18

I was directed to the website after a customer service phone call.
PS 8/3/18

Excellent service. Even though the weather was extremely bad, the delivery was very quick. It was well packaged and just as described. Very happy and would be happy to recommend this seller. 
TW 9/3/18

Thank you Linda. I have watched the video and it is working now! Will get in touch if I have any more questions.
KW 7/3/18 

Thank you so much, Linda
I had to postpone the workshop in the end due to the snow, so the mission brand will come in time for the rescheduled event.
RM 7/3/18

I passed my OSCE so yes did the job. Thanks.
PW 6/3/18

Order delivered on the said date in good safe package.... Works well, very pleased with product... 
KL 6/3/18

Very good uristrips, easy to use & read accurately.
MS 4/3/18

Very good service many thanks.
JH 4/3/18

I can now monitor my health and try and eat more healthy.
DC 4/3/18

Very handy strips to have in the house.
PM 2/3/18

Lovely product. Thanks
BJ 1/3/18

February 2018 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Hi Linda
Thanks for despatching the order promptly yesterday (Mon). The package beat the weather and made it to our place in West Wales today (Tues). Many thanks.
DC 28/2/18

Hi Kate,
Fantastic thank you for coming back to me so quickly.
Kind regards, 
KM 26/2/18

Thanks for your help.
AT 26/2/18

Hi Linda,
Thanks for the prompt clarification of the issue. I have also ordered the strips but wasn't aware that the chip is in the strip box.
Best Regards
AB 26/2/18

OK site
RA 26/2/18

Good testing kit, just as good as hospital testing, thank you
SS 24/2/18

Excellent service,prompt despatch. Recommended
D 23/2/18

Well packaged. Fast delivery. Many thanks.
SO 23/2/18

Quick delivery .
PG 21/2/18

Used personally before and via ordering on amazon before
HH 20/2/18

These urinalysis strips work well and seem very accurate. Great seller, thank you xx 
VJ 20/2/18

Exactly as described and works as required. An excellent Sphyg for the measurements described. 
TC 19/2/18

Ideal for lambing season.
PL 19/2/18

Thanks again for your excellent service. 
GA 16/2/18

Excellent prompt service 
LC 16/2/18

Good value. Fast service. 
MF 16/2/18

Great product. Fast delivery. Thanks. 
DD 15/2/18

Good afternoon 
Thank you very very much! Very kind.
AM 15/2/18

Would highly recommend.
SD 14/2/18

Good service.
JC 14/2/18

The product is good for it’s price. Will recommend as a low budget stethoscope. 
Dr EA 13/2/18

Fantastic website and definitely Iwill recommend to my friends and relatives. In future i will definitely buy from your website
JC 12/2/18

Prompt & efficient service. 
MB 9/2/18

Arrived quickly, amazing piece of kit for the price.
PS 9/2/18

Great service and exactly how described. Would order from here again. Thank you 
HW 8/2/18

Nicely packed, no problems 
BH 8/2/18

Hi Helen
Thanks for your help.
Kind regards
JB 7/2/18

Very good, just what I needed. Excellent service 
MC 7/2/18

This product is very handy to have at home as it saves trips to surgery. 
CH 5/2/18

The product is exactly what I wanted, and the expiry date gives me a good 12 months use. Very pleased 
PF 5/2/18

Nice little unit for checking your blood, easy to use and a good price. 
CK 5/2/18

Requested a good use by date and got a very prompt answer.
JW 5/2/18

Hi I am very grateful for your reply thanks.
OM 5/2/18

Good website.
FM 5/2/18

I have purchased from here before.
CM 4/2/18

Good fast service thanks 
LH 1/2/18

January 2018 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Just as described working lovely.
JW 31/1/18

An ideal blood pressure monitor for home use,serves its purpose. An added bonus of a stethoscope. Daughter a nurse and didn't think it would be "up to much". However the equipment is" value for money" and serves its purpose. Ideal to keep in the house. 
LT 31/1/18

Very easy to use, 5stars.
JM 31/1/18

Good website, easy to navigate.
PE 31/1/18

Awesome for our little nurse. 
GT 29/1/18

Thanks for sending that link it's working ok now, many thanks.
AA 29/1/18

Brilliant quality item, really happy with my purchase and the speed of delivery! 
ME 25/1/18

Found you after a referral.
EE 25/1/18

Thank you so much such excellent customer service.
SU 24/1/18

Thank you for your prompt answer, I appreciate it.
Kind regards,
SM 24/1/18

Brilliant gift for daughter.
PD 23/1/18

Google, I typed in DSD 10, my last testing kit.
AC 23/1/18

Quality dependable strips that are accurate. 
RW 22/1/18

A simple device that does its job without fuss or bother
RB 21/1/18

Received order very quickly. Instructions break down medical language so non medical professionals can use them. Great if recurrent UTI sufferer for peace of mind as to whether antibiotics have fully cleared infection. 
LM 20/1/18

I bought this for a Halloween costume so imagine my surprise when it really worked. Now my kids won't give it back to me because they are obsessed with listenint to their own heartbeats. 
CB 19/1/18

Many thanks
FG 19/1/18

Hi. Yes thank you for advice. Works fine now.
Thank you
TA 18/1/18

Easy transaction.
NR 17/1/18

Thank you very much. I have now received my order.
GS 17/1/18

Well packaged, exactly as described. Prompt service. 
LC 16/1/18

This product arrived extremely quickly, have not tried it yet as it was a gift for my student nurse daughter. 
AD 15/1/18

This is a good website.
MS 15/1/18

Great service. Thanks 
LM 14/1/18

Found you after searching for blood lancing devices.
MC 14/1/18

Great little device, better than expected for the price. 
QT 11/1/18

Need this to do my bloods thank you.
XT 11/1/18

Ok. Thank you.What excellent customer service you have
AM 11/1/18

Used before and very happy with the service.
BM 11/1/18

Very happy with the service, friendly and quick. 
AC 9/1/18

Great item for price, my daughter is a new student and can't stop practising with it 
CG 8/1/18

Item arrived earlier than expected, neatly packaged. They're perfect for what I need. 
PM 8/1/18

A good product to have when you have a problem with your urine,good value and fast delivery. 
KS 8/1/18

Fantastic. Fits neatly into my case and is quite sturdy, which it needs to be as I use it frequently. 
JC 8/1/18

Excellent service thank you
KH 7/1/18

Excellent hard back case for my daughter’s stethoscope. Easy to order and fast delivery. Thank you. 
LA 6/1/18

Good results, worked brilliantly. Great price, quick delivery. 
AN 5/1/18

Thank you very much.
SC 5/1/18

Excellent price and service 
VG 5/1/18

Decent quality for price 
JA 4/1/18

Quick delivery...very pleased with this item
CA 3/1/18

Very helpful 
DP 2/1/18

Nice cheap haemoglobin meter. We think it slightly under-reads the true result but still very useful. 
GB 2/1/18

Excellent service and very quick delivery with competitive pricing
EM 1/1/18

December 2017 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Excellent product and service.
GE 29/12/17

The product arrived on time and was packed securely and safely. No sharp edges at all. I have given the product and the seller 5 stars for the communication and the quality of the product. I have also recommended the product to friends and family as when i come across products that are really good. I always recommend to my friends and family. This seller is 5 Stars. 
MJ 28/12/17

Quality product thanks.
RC 27/12/17

Tested and working, before they are sent thank you.
PJ 27/12/17

Prompt delivery at such a busy time of year. 
CE 25/12/17

These are good to have at home to keep an eye on yours & family health! 
KW 22/12/17

My husband has been ill. I am a nurse and know how to use this item. Great condition. Regards 
IT 21/12/17

Great service thank you. Very accurate.
GS 21/12/17

Pleased with purchase. Arrived quickly, well packaged and good quality product. Great comms from seller too.
JM 21/12/17

Thanks a honest supplier.
MW 20/12/17

I have not yet seen the product as it was sent to my mother in-law, but delivery was nice and speedy.
BB 19/12/17

Very pleased with product and service .
WP 19/12/17

Good afternoon Linda
Thanks for your email and I appreciate what you have done. This item is for a family member who's just found out via his doctor that he is diabetic, so this will be very handy for him to keep an eye on his sugar levels.
Thanks once again.
DH 18/12/17

Excellent just what I needed 
CG 18/12/17

Lovely, thank you.
SP 18/12/17

Forum recommendation
DC 18/12/17

Ordered as a prop for Halloween, fantastic item, all as described, would recommend 
CB 18/12/17

Had these two or three times over past 3 years,good if you suffer with uti problems. just need to remember to dispose of them once opened after a 3 month period as that is approx the life span once seal is broken. 
SB 17/12/17

Delivery as expected. Used this item before and will order again as and when required. 
ES 17/12/17

Good product good price. 
AD 16/12/17

Thank you very much. 5 stars.
MH 15/12/17

Arrived fast, new as described. Would order again
JT 14/12/17

As a student nurse this was very handy for my practical test . There is no need to spend lots of money as this is value for money and does the job just fine . 
PS 13/12/17

Bought Sun night arrived first thing Tues due to free upgraded post. BRILLIANT!!
DW 13.12.17

The item was delivered before the estimated date, I was very satisfied with the product - great quality as expected. Although I should mention that I have a Littmann Cardiology IV stethoscope and it doesn't fit quite perfectly, but it was mentioned that this case is perfect for the Classic Littmann, but I don't think that matters very much, overall very satisfied. 
BT 13.12.17

Hello. Thank you so much. The product got here straight away, but because I wasn't home they left the card and I collected today from post office. I couldn't be happier with your costumer service. I dont think the other one will appear, but if it does I will return it to you. Thanks again.
TI 12/12/17

Good value, quick delivery, nice product, recommended.
UC 12/12/17

Pleased with purchase 
PH 11/12/17

Good quality. Came quickly. 
GB 11/12/17

Use it as a cosmetic and put it on your face! serious!! 
BP 11/12/17

Great transaction thanks.
KR 11/12/17

Good product at a very good price and fast delivery.
D 11/12/17

Good product and warm material. 
IS 10/12/17

In perfect condition, safely packed, and arrived very quickly.
JW 8/12/17

Excellent service 
JH 8/12/17

Product as described, Prompt Delivery, work perfectly well. Top Banana ***** 
DN 8/12/17

Fast and friendly thanks 
DT 8/12/17

Bought for my elderly mother, she is over the moon with this.
JW 7/12/17

Quick service. Good stocking filler 
JA 7/12/17

Thank you very much, Linda
SA 7/12/17 

Very good service 
YA 6/12/17

A very useful set. A very agreeable price.
RS 6/12/17

Found you through my University
MM 6/12/17

Website was very good, search engine was excellent.
ML 5/12/17

The Pod is a great fit for my Pink Stethoscope.
RT 5/12/17

Nice item well packaged and delivered quickly with thanks
DN 4/12/17

Impressed by the service provided including the information sent advising of the dispatch dates.
JB 4/12/17

Well built sturdy instrument looks much more expensive.
TL 4/12/17

Great item for a midwifery student.
EC 3/12/17

I have used this company before.
BM 2/12/17

Thank you so much. I'll immediately let you know.
Thank you again.
Kind regards
LD 1/12/17

November 2017 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Very prompt delivery as usual - good clear instructions - excellent products - good value - will def use company again - well recommend this company. 
GP 30/11/17

Thank you very much for your help.
RF 27/11/17 

A GP friend told me about Preseed.
CO 27/11/17

Thank you so much the item arrived today.
NN 24/11/17

Great item. Fast and efficient service.
SP 24/11/17

Hi I have received the navy stethoscopes, thank you very much, I am so happy.
IK 23/11/17

Goods ordered after purchase of a meter,home testing.
MS 23/11/17

Google Shopping result
SS 23/11/17 

First class product buy this item don t go for cheaper imported item.
EM 22/11/17

Great it does what it is meant to do.
TY 22/11/17

Excellent service and product! Best patella hammer I have used
ES 21/11/17

Second transaction for this item....still pleased with the service. 
JP 20/11/17

Many, many thanks for all your excellent support.
BS 20/11/17 

Thank you so much with your help. What a super service!
AH 17/11/17

Dear Kathy
Thank you for speaking to me today and I very much look forward to becoming one of your very satisfied customers and not only recommend you to other people, but I also look forward to purchasing additional items from yourselves in the not too distant future.
Kind regards
LS 16/11/17 

Thanks for your reply regarding feedback, I have nothing to be concerned about privacy as these are for my dog's diabetic daily testing for sugar and ketones.
Thanks for your understanding 
SM 15/11/17

I'm a repeat customer
TH 15/11/17

Bought as a present for a child. Nice price for a stocking filler.
JP 13/11/17

Bought as a replacement for my` Bayer` contour and it is a better item . Good result first time everytime.
SL 13/11/17

Case is brilliant; good quality and looks nice but does not fit all stethoscopes. It will fit the classic nicely
RT 13/11/17

Wonderful customer service from you. Many many thanks. 
BS 13/11/17

Hi Linda,
Thank you so much for you help and for following up with the manufacturer, I appreciate it - and the new pot. 
Kind regards
JN 10/11/17

I'm a previous customer through Google
MW 10/11/17

Your service is very well! 
OH 7/11/17

Good value, works perfectly
MT 7/11/17

Perfect. Quick delivery, exactly as described. 
Thank you
SH 6/11/17

Fast delivery
NP 5/11/17

Excellent service
JG 4/11/17

Placed order following an email enquiry to you for 563 strips
PB 3/11/17

Hi Linda,
Thank you for your quick reply.
That will be brilliant.
Thanking you kindly for your kind attention.
Kindest regards,
LS 3/11/17

Good product
PM 2/11/17

Super-fast delivery by Royal Mail, thank you.
BS 2/11/17

Found you through my Ebay account with adtukltd.
FS 2/11/17

Fast delivery, product is good to monitor samples
KK 1/11/17

Wanted a basic working stethoscope for our dressing up box. Came in a plastic resealable storage pouch. Good quality, low price.
MS 1/11/17

Perfectly packaged. Prompt delivery. Thanks
KF 1/11/17

October 2017 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Wanted a basic yellow stethoscope for my 3yr old daughter like the one Dr Ranj has on his Get Well Soon show on CBeebies. She loves it. Gets to pretend she's a real Dr. And since the stethoscope is real and functional benefits from being able to hear a persons heartbeat. Which is much better than a child's plastic play one. Great value for my intended purpose.
PK 31/10/17

Good quality, as described.
TF 31.10.17

Hi Linda, thankyou for your great customer service skills, my new gauge arrived the very next day. All working now, thankyou. As a student nurse it will get lots of use! Thanks again for great service I'm very greatful and it's very much appreciated. Have a fab weekend. Many thanks.
MM 27/10/17

I am a regular customer.
JH 27/10/17

Great value for money.
JH 26/10/17

Good product will buy again.
FX 26/10/17

Thanks Linda, 
Thank you for your speedy response and help.

Great service. Goods as described. Thank you.
DM 24/10/17

Good evening,
No worries at all, thank you for sending me a replacement it turned up today and works perfectly.
Thank you again for your cooperation.
TP 24/10/17 

Delivery as stated without hiked postage costs and product first class. Will buy again
RB 23/10/17

Goods arrived on time and worked perfectly
JH 23/10/17

Great,and came the day after ordering
ND 23/10/17

It’s a Christmas present for my 3yo so it’s not been used yet. But arrived fast and before stated.
SC 22/10/17

Overwhelmed by amount of paper work/instructions. How to put blood onto strip not easy to understand. Found process for use on YouTube, simplified the information and made it clear.
JT 22/10/17

Wonderful does what it says and helpful to know.
RM 22/10/17

Just what we needed. Can check cholesterol and glucose very easily at home. 
JA 22/10/17

Very good website.
LM 21/10/17

Thank you will order now.
TE 20/10/17

Directed to this iste from a query on ebay.
MD 20/10/17

Hello, I received the Sphygmometer, which is great thank you, and I am also about to buy the child’s cuff to go with it.
Kind regards
ZC 19/10/17 

Already received it, great service 
Thank you 
KR 19/10/17

Hi Linda,
Many thanks for your quick response, I have followed your instructions and have adjusted the switch in the battery compartment, I am happy to report that our results are now reading normal in agreement with the blood tests we had done by our GP, many thanks for your assistance. I no longer require a refund and I am happy to keep the meter.
Kind Regards
KP 19/10/17

Found site via a fellow student
RW 19/10/17

Hi Linda
Thank you that's brilliant. Purple would be nice don't know anyone who's got that!
Thank you again.
WH 18/10/17

Item as described. Quick delivery too. Great service.
KJ 18/10/17

Very accurate home test kits.
LM 18/10/17

Excellent! Thank you so much A*******
RW 17/10/17

I would like to thank you for your quick response and to apologise for any misunderstanding. Once again, thank you.
MR 17/10/17

Excellent product at very competitive price. Fast delivery. Recommend.
RK 16/10/17

That’s great ,thank you
Apologies for the inconvenience,
Kind regards
MS 16/10/17

I bought the Easylife 3 in 1 meter. It works well. Thanks.
AT 16/10/17

Good value for the price. Great for practice if you are a student
SM 15/10/17

This is the second lot I have purchased & won't be without them. Cannot buy these from any retail shops so this company is a lifeline.
MC 15/10/17

Really pleased with product 
JB 13/10/17

Many thanks for the prompt response and action.
DN 12/10/17

I sincerely thank you all for all your efforts in dealing with my enquiry.
PC 12/10/17 

Happy with purchase 
KR 12/10/17

Efficient and good delivery time. 
EB 12/10/17

As I have diabetes these are great to have.
TN 11/10/17

Excellent, just the job, good price, well packed, fast delivery. Thanks.
HS 11/10/17

Better than expected everything I needed to double check a random high reading with out going to the doc - all clear. For permanent use all you need is to top up the reasonably priced consummables .
JB 10/10/17

Really good value. And it works as expected. I have been doing a Ketogenic lifestyle (for 6 months) and I am ready to take it to the next level and start monitoring my ketone and glucose levels. This kit is very good value and contains all you need to measure your ketones/glucose out of the box. It also comes with a Ketone Control Solution that is not required unless the values are out of whack.
HY 10/10/17

Many thanks Kathy- order now placed.
IW 10/10/17

My apologies - it was with one of my neighbours, she forgot about it.
Many thanks for your quick response.
NN 10/10/17

Googled "512Hz tuning fork"
SC 10/10/17

Better than expected everything I needed to double check a random high reading with out going to the doc - all clear. For permanent use all you need is to top up the reasonably priced consummables .
JB 09/10/17

Good qulity products will use again.
S 09/10/17

Very Happy Thank You
KM 6/10/17

Fast delivery,will use again 
AB 6/10/17

Dipped the stick and hey presto !! 
HB 6/10/17

Item as described, arrived quickly , many thanks.

Test kit has been reset and it's working now, 
Sorry for any inconvenience,
W 5/10/17

Many thanks for your prompt reply.
AY 4/10/17

Good price and excellent service 
HM 4/10/17

Excellent service, pleased with product 
KT 4/10/17

Items exactly as described and very fast delivery. Excellent service. Thank you.
LH 3/10/17

Excellent item. Bulb was defective but replacement provided. A+++
TE 3/10/17

Great service 
CH 2/10/17

September 2017 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Fantastic! Would use again. thank you A+
JD 29/9/17

Really fast delivery thank you 
ZT 29/9/17

Had no problems item arrived on time, it is as described I needed it for cholesterol but only 2 testing strips would have prefered more and none of the others but not complaining I knew what I was buying.
BM 28/9/17

Product as described, prompt delivery, good for purpose. 
AC 28/9/17

As ever, prompt delivery, well-packaged, excellent service.
WD 27/9/1/7

Thank you for you prompt reply!

Excellent purchase, highly recommended.
MM 27/9/17

Detects most of the urine traces that are important. Gives an early warning if things are starting to go wrong in the body.. Time is of the essence when detecting possible major problems - the earlier symptoms are detected the quicker they are resolved
DC 26/9/17

Previous purchase was from Ebay.
MP 27/9/17

Really good value for money and good service .
JH 26/9/17

Fast & efficient.
ZF 25/9/17

Just what I needed at an excellent price.
MN 25/9/17

Very Pleased. Many thanks.
BD 22/9/17

Thank you so much! What great service!!!
ER 21/9/17

I found your sight when looking for a stethoscope.
EC 20/9/17

Recommended by a friend.
EE 20/9/17

Great service thanks
JS 20/9/17

The item arrived way before it was expected! 
MV 19/9/17

Great item and quick delivery A *
BM 19/9/17

Excellent. Item just as described. Quick delivery. Highly recommended. Thanks.
CJ 19/9/17

Arrived before delivery date given. Thanks.
PY 19/9/17

Excellent value and really fast delivery. Thank you
DO 18/9/17

Nice smooth transaction, thanks. 
CM 15/9/17

Excellent value for money compared with pharmacies.
E 15/9/17

Great monitor, fast delivery, thanks
WG 14/9/17

I found you through a friend.
SL 14/9/17

Hi Linda,
Excellent as always, would highly recommend this seller
RD 15/9/17

That would be really great, if you could do that as soon as possible please. They are for my friend who is going away at the weekend.
Many thanks indeed.
Kind regards
DB 13/9/17

Good communication and replaced faulty goods immediately. A+
J 13/9/17

Easy to order & quickly delivered 
KL 12/9/17

Very good Website
PH 12/9/17

Very good service from this site. Good price for the dipsticks. 
TE 12/9/17

Excellent service, thank you.
CP 11/9/17

Just what my daughter wanted for fancy dress 
LC 10/9/17

I have used this before.
BM 10/9/17

Would use this seller again 
RM 8/9/17

Perfect....thank you. 
TT 8/9/17 

Just what I required. Thanks 
ZM 8/9/17

Item arrived on time.I am satisfied.
GG 7/9/17

Great thanks an enjoyable experience,will use again.
GN 7/9/17

Excellent service and prompt delivery
JB 6/9/17

Just the same as hospitals use, so no problems, as described just what we want and I will order again 
RS 5/9/17

Great item, fast delivery highly recommend. Thank you.
MP 5/9/17

Well packaged item arrived quickly and exactly as described.
SH 5/9/17

Great seller with great products.
DP 4/9/17

Hi Linda
Thank you for sending the item again.I have recieved it on the weekend. Much appreciate the way you've handled this unfortunate issue.
Thanks again
AC 4/9/17

Superfast delivery. Excellent product and good communication. A +
TN 1/9/17

August 2017 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Great seller would use again 
MM 31/8/17

Bought for granddaughter who's starting uni to be a Paramedic
BC 31/8/17

Excellent purchase as always. Very fast delivery, thank you. These strips are very accurate & can be fully trusted, as can the seller. 10/10.
QS 31/8/17

Through Google search
VF 31/8/17

Good price, Quick delivery .
ZP 30/8/17

Thanks much appreciated for all your help.
LA 30/8/17

Great item fast and efficient service highly recommended
RS 29/8/17

Excellent fast service 
EM 28/8/17

Right ok, apologies I thought it was 50 of each thanks for quick response.
NS 25/8/17

Searching online for the product.
LB 25/8/17

Items received in time Thanks .
NV 24/8/17

As promised, thank you.
BF 24/8/17

Easy to use and quite accurate. Very useful to detect early signs of uti.
XB 23/8/17

Details provided by my Physio.
SB 23/8/17

So much cheaper and works brillantly, why pay more when you dont have to, so easy to use. 
CD 22/8/17

Many thanks for the information I've now bought one from you, thanks
SG 22/8/17

Hi there.
This works perfect!
BB 22/8/17

Package arrived next day ,well wrapped and exactly as I ordered and they work ,would order again 
HF 21/8/17

Easy to use, and easy to understand. Price is low, and I've found them a big help. 
CW 21/8/17

Would use again. 
LH 21/8/17

I always buy from this seller, good prompt service 
DS 20/8/17

I was amazed how quickly the item arrived. Great service from this seller! 
AC 17/8/17

Thanks for your help I have located your shipment.
PC 17/8/17

Good service thankyou, and good product.
DP 16/8/17

Fast delivery, well packaged, I would recommend..
MP 16/8/17

Good afternoon, 
Thank you very much for your kind assistance and the information.
Kindest regards,
NI 15/8/17

Good service and good product 
DR 15/8/17

Hello again
I followed the link and bought the items on your homepage. Thank you so much.
AN 14/8/17

I would recommend both product and service to friends and co-workers in the future, and have done. 
AB 14/8/17

Very prompt delivery; good quality product (I'm not using it for medical use, so cannot vouch for it to that standard). Thanks! 
RC 14/8/17

Good product, good service 
JT 12/81/7

Royal mail has just delivered the Stethoscope that I had ordered. Many thanks for dealing with this matter so swiftly.
DH 11/8/17

Thank you for the replacement which works perfectly. Many thanks for your excellent service.
KR 11/8/17 

Great Service 
CP 10/8/17

Arrived very quickly. Item as described, and great tests to have in the house for early diagnosis.
JD 9/8/17

Hi Linda
Many thanks for sorting the problem so quickly
Kind regards
J C 9/8/17

Great value replacement cuff for aneroid sphyg.
TM 9/8/17

Thanks for the information. I was using meter wrong. I have tried it again and it is working fine.
So no need to return.
Thanks Again
JA 7/8/17

Just what was needed and a quality item at a more than fair price. 
JW 8/8/17

These are very useful testing strips which can be used if you think that you might have a urinary tract infection. The kit comes with a comprehensive set of instructions which it is advisable to read first. 
HE 7/8/17

I have found that the Mission brand of testing sticks is the most accurate on the market. 
MD 7/8/17

Easy to use website.
RP 7/8/17

Excellent experience. 
BF 4/8/17

Item was as described and does what is required. 
RL 4/8/17

Great Pod. As used on Holby City.
DM 3/8/17

Very well packaged and lovely pink color. My daughter loves it and would recommend it as well
JU 3/8/17

Hi I put in a request to return this item but have read the instructions and it is working, very sorry! My husband read the instructions first time round, should have known lol. I will leave good feedback thanks.
CP 3/8/17

MC 2/8/17

Came quickly and was as described, happy customer.
WQ 02/08/17

I'm happy with the product no need to improve thanks.

Very fast delivery, thank you.
LO 1/8/17

Thanks, got my item spot on, fast and well packaged. 5 star 
MO 1/8/17

July 2017 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Excellent product and delivered promptly.
TZ 31/7/17

Hi Linda
Thanks for your prompt reply. I'm happy to say that I did manage to find it today, in a VERY safe place, so the error was entirely mine.
CG 31/7/17

Good service and good product
NM 28/7/17

Excellent Cystitis Test Kit.
ND 27/7/17

Thank you for the exceptionally fast response & the PayPal refund on the duplicated items.
It really is very much appreciated
GM 27/7/17

Fast and simple to order .

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Hopefully I can do business with you in the future.
JS 26/7/17

Thank you very much. Best regards.
SS 25/7/17

Ah ok thanks a lot linda , have a good day.
TG 25/7/17

Really good quality 
JS 21/7/17

Great product for the price ideal for osce practice 
SA 20/7/17

Hi there,
Thank you so very much for your speedy refund and kind, fast communication, I will make sure my feedback will show how happy I have been.
Have a lovely afternoon,
Warmest regards,
LJ 20/7/17

Products were as described and arrived promptly.

Thank you for pointing this out Linda, but yes we have lancing devices and lancets.
Thank you,I appreciate this.
GS 20/7/17

Quick delivery. Great item. Thank you.
JD 20/7/17

Great product for the price ideal for osce practice.
WF 20/7/17

Received monitor instructions today,thank you,have set it up and all good,will leave you positive feedback.
MM 19/7/17

Arrived more quickly than anticipated.
AS 19/7/17

Great service, thanks, will use again 
BH 19/7/17

The item came exactly as described, my dad is well happy with it, and it was a great price too, thank you! 
DR 18/7/17

Thank you so much for your speedy reply. Think I need to look up a few things first, a little knowledge can go long way lol. No doubt I will be back to buy them in the next day or so.
Many thanks.
KG 18/7/17

Item as described, arrived on time. Thank you
GH 18/7/17

Dear Linda
Thank you for your kind assistance and prompt attention. My sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. 
Gratefully yours
RL 18/7/17

The item is essential and is one of the best I have used, time will tell, thank you.
JR 17/7/17

Good Website easy to navigate
AA 17/7/17

'Great Service from ADTUK Ltd' 
RH 16/7/17

I have usedthis site before.
BM 15/7/17

Speedy delivery and quality products.

Good value for money and you get the whole kit. Spare test strips are available.
PN 14/7/17

Thru you via Amazon.
MB 14/7/17

Very good and helpfull.
AA 14/7/17

Dear Helen thank you for your fast and efficient response.
DW 13/7/17

Great service.would use again.
LG 13/7/17

Excellent - clear & easy to use.
RM 13/7/17

Works well and easy to read screen.
QN 12/7/17

Quick delivery and correct results.
K 12/7/17

Would not hesitate to buy from them again.
JQ 11/7/17

Excellent product I have been using this product for several years and have no reservations about recommending it .
CW 11/7/17

Amazing for the money, can't believe they work. Very impressed, really only wanted them for props for Scarecrow competition, seems a waste!
ZN 10/7/17

Have replaced my 30 year old hammer with one exactly the same. Should see me out I think.
VD 10/7/17

Hi yes I have used it and it's working fine many thank's.
TC 10/7/17

I am a returning satisfied customer.
TH 10/7/17

I think some strips could be faulty as I get different readings depending which fingers I use did not contact seller as you did not give me details how to.
BD 7/7/17

Works Great thank you.
LM 7/7/17

Excellent product I have been using this product for several years and have no reservations about recommending it.
GY 7/7/17

Very happy with his product.
BV 6/7/17

Good products for buisness.
KM 6/7/17

Im completely satisfied.
FH 5/7/17

Prompt service and accuracy of item shown .
FH 5/7/17

Item just as described & received quickly - Thanks.
BG 4/7/17

Pleasure doing business with this company.
LS 4/7/17

Good service prompt delivery.
PS 3/7/17

Very Good website.
AA 3/7/17

June 2017 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Very good value and excellent service.Thank you
LB 29/6/17

Doctor declared me free of kidney disease on the basis of one test, these sticks proved him wrong and I am now being treated as I should have been - lifesavers! 
SB 29/6/17

A must have item at a reasonable price. Will definitely buy here again. 
SC 29/6/17

Exactly what I wanted.
KJ 29/6/17

Goods received. Thank you. 
HD 29/6/17

Perfect! Easy to use - highly recommended - thank you
MO 28/6/17

All ok, fast shipping, goods in conformity with the description, I recommend 
IM 28/6/17

Quick delivery, no problems 
PD 28/6/17

Very good website.
AA 26/6/17

I have used this site previously.
DL 26/6/17

Good item, well packaged, excellent.
CM 26/6/17

Happy customer
AS 24/6/17

EB 23/6/17

Brilliant and actually works like a real one my daughter loves it.
HM 23/6/17

Thank you so much I am 70 yrs old and not very technical.
TN 23/6/17

Just what you would expect from a good company.
HT 22/6/17

Used before and happy.
GN 22/6/17

Purchased for a friend. Very happy with the product and service. 
TM 21/6/17

Arrived on time, well packed. 
JH 21/6/17

Great for peace of mind as just been diagnosed as diabetic. Works perfectly .
TN 20/6/17

No problems, excellent product 
AO 20/6/17

On time, and correctly packaged. Good product quality Thank you 
MB 20/6/17

Love this colour. Exactly what I wanted 
ND 19/6/17

Arrived earlier than said. Perfect but would advise to buy extra strips at the same time 
AB 18/6/17

Standard small patella hammer, easy to carry arround 
AB 18/6/17

This item arrived yesterday, thank you, it saved me a trip to the depot which is hard work when you have gout.
Thanks for the excellent service.
KT 16/6/17

A friend told me about your website.
YP 16/6/17

Very good product.
JS 15/6/17

Very pleased with the lancing device. 
SU 14/6/17

Good quality strips as advertised, delvered on time, very good value, thank you.
SL 13/6/17

Thank you for your help.
FB 13/6/17

Great item. Many thanks.
P 13/6/17

Amazing, 100% complete bargain, thank you .
KC 12/6/17

Thank you, I have an exterior parcel box that accepts up to about a shoe box size. My postie is aware. Thanks so much.
HS 12/6/17

Great service 100% 
NG 12/6/17

Product arrived on time and well packaged. No problems. 
EB 11/6/17

First delivery never arrived issue was thankfully dealt with professionally 
NH 9/6/17

Just the ticket to do your sugar level and a good price.
DO 9/6/17

Works as it should do, good value would buy again.
JS 9/6/17

Good value. Would buy again 
JS 8/6/17

Had a problem so sent email. They responded very quickly and problem was resolved.
AM 6/6/17

Great kit once I worked out how to use it, a few more sharps would have been handy!
HJ 6/6/17

Good item for use as community nurse
R 6/6/17

Hi this is great!
I will take a look into your site and I'm pretty sure that I will find hot products to sell.
Kind Regards
DC 6/6/17

Great, many thanks.
JL 5/6/17

Thankyou and so sorry again
KS 5/6/17

Your site was recommended.
LN 4/6/17

Good value, well packed and quickly posted!! 
PS 3/6/17

Good basic instrument. Manual sphygmomanometer as described. 
JA 2/6/17

Purchased as an addition to my daughter 'doctors kit' she loves it does the job wonderfully
OP 2/6/17

Hi Linda , finallly after using about 10 strips I've got a reading thankyou I was putting blood on top of strip not on the side top bit , thanks for your patience
TS 2/6/17

Good quality strips, easy to use and accurate. 
AP 2/6/17

Googled Stethoscope.
NB 2/6/17

Excellent value for money fast delivery thank you! 
TC 1/6/17

Items as described. Fast delivery. Recommended. 
BT 1/6/17

Thank you very much Linda for your assistance :)
NM 1/6/17

Hi Linda
Many thanks for your efforts. Regards
PP 1/6/17