Collection: Water Testing Kits

Water testing kits for instant water quality testing.

Regular testing of the water is now easy and affordable with these accurate water test kits in pots of 100 water quality test strips. 

What can home water test kits test for?

Water test kits can test for a range of inorganic chemicals that may contaminate the water including: lead, nitrates, iron, copper, nitrite, fluoride, bromine, chromium total chlorine, residual chlorine and cyanuric acid. Water test kits can also test the total alkalinity, the pH and the hardness of the water. There is also a water test kit to test for Coliform. below we have a range of water test kits that test for different things and for different purposes.

We have the following water quality test kits available to order online:

  • Drinking water testing kits 14 in 1 water test strip .
  • Hot tub water test strips 3 in 1
  • Water testing kits for pool and hot tub spa water testing.
  • Aquarium and fish tank and pond water testing kits.
  • Grey water, waste water and industrial and farm water testing kits.
  • Drinking water coliform water testing kits.

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