Collection: Control Solutions

What is a control solution

A Control Solution is a solution containing a precise amount of a substance like glucose or cholesterol that is designed to verify that your meter and test strips are functioning properly.

When to conduct a control solution test

You may need to conduct a Control Solution Test if you encounter unexpected readings or suspect your meter may be malfunctioning. It's recommended to perform this test to ensure your device is working correctly.

If you're worried that your blood monitor is providing inaccurate readings, the issue might lie with defective equipment. Using a control solutions to assess the functionality of your meter can verify that you're conducting the test accurately and that your meter is operating as it should.

Should you encounter abnormally high or low readings, or if they significantly differ from past results, it's advisable to first attempt a new test using a fresh test strip. If the readings continue to be unusual, we recommend conducting a Control Solution check test.

Expiry dates on control solutions

Control solutions generally have short expiry dates, often of only a couple of months from manufacture, This is because the control solution is not stable in the bottle, and does not give reliable results for an extended period of time. The manufacturers recommend that the control solution should not be used after the expiry date on the plastic bottle , even if the container has not been opened. 

For this reason you it is best to only purchase a control solution just before you need to do a control test on your meter or test strips.

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