How to place an order with Valuemed from the EU

Information for EU buyers 

As the UK has now left the European single market and customs union, buyers in Europe need to aware that all medical supplies exported by us to them as retail purchases, are now subject to a customs entry check in the European destination country. 

Access Diagnostic Tests UK will ensure that all the necessary customs documentations are made on export which will include the customs tariff or HTS code for the goods and the country of origin (manufacture)

99.99% of our products are not manufactured in the EU and will be subject to import VAT when arriving in a European country. A destination country may also decide to apply either duty or entry fees to the order value.

Our terms of service specify that the buyer is responsible for all these fees and taxes and that by purchasing from us they accept these fees. We will contact buyers prior to dispatch to ensure that you understand these conditions.

Our intention is to maintain the supply of essential medical supplies, medical equipment, home test kits, test strips and other medical products, to our European buyers and partners with the minimum disruption possible.

Delivery to EU

Since January 2021 exports from the UK to EU are now subject to import checks and EU countries may apply VAT , duty and fees associated with the import. As a result of this all of the international delivery services to the EU are much slower than they used to be due to delays caused by the new customs regulations for deliveries from UK to EU.

Customers who wish to order from outside the UK, will now need to order offline through our trade team, and arrange their own courier collection from our warehouses for delivery, to their country. Their is a minimum order value for this of service of £100. 

Valuemed EU sales information page last updated 29/6/22

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