ALLTEST Appointed UK Distributor 

Access Diagnostic Tests UK Limited are the appointed UK distributor for the ALLTEST brand of diagnostic test kits. 

ALLTEST test kits UK distributor

ALLTEST are at the forefront in the development of rapid diagnostic tests including Covid-19 for disease diagnosis, drug screening and fertility testing and have proven expertise and track record in offering value for money, high quality diagnostic test kits.

ALLTEST test kits are available for the following:

ALLTEST rapid disease diagnosis test kits:

  • Infectious diseases including Covid-19 
  • Cancer markers
  • Hormone levels
  • Vitamin levels 
  • Mineral levels 
  • Anaemia
  • D-dimer

ALLTEST drug testing kits

  • Single strips drug tests
  • Cassette drug test kits
  • Multi-panel drugs test kits
  • Cup drug test kits
  • Saliva drug test kits

ALLTEST alcohol test strips

  • Urine ETG
  • Breast milk alcohol 
  • Saliva alcohol 

ALLTEST fertility tests

  • Pregnancy test kits
  • Ovulation test kits
  • FSH test kits 
  • Male fertility test kits

ALLTEST URS urine test strips

  • Urine reagent test strips URS

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Alltest manufacturer

The ALLTEST brand of test kits are manufactured by Hangzhou ALLTEST Biotech Co LTD in china and distributed in the UK through Access Diagnostic Tests UK Limited, who are the official ALLTEST UK Distributor. Contact us to make an enquiry for ALLTEST diagnostic test kits

ALLTEST Hangzhou Biotech

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