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Vitamin D Test Kit For Self Testing

Vitamin D Test Kit For Self Testing

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ALLTEST Vitamin D test kits for self-testing at home

  • A complete home test kit to check your Vitamin D level
  • Simple finger prick lateral flow test
  • Each Vitamin D test kit requires a small blood sample, which can be obtained from a finger prick.
  • Rapid results in just 10 minutes
  • The test indicates Vitamin D levels as Deficient, Insufficient or Sufficient (normal)
  • Clinically tested accuracy
  • CE marked for home use

The vitamin d test kit indicates Vitamin D levels as one of the following:

  • Deficient
  • Insufficient
  • Sufficient (normal)

Knowing your vitamin d levels are sufficient is important, as low levels of vitamin d in the blood are associated with many health issues including reduced immunity to infections.

Contents of each home Vitamin D test kit pack

  • 1 x vitamin D rapid test cassette
  • 1 x dropper
  • 1 x buffer 
  • 1 x vitamin D colour card to enable results interpretation
  • 1 x instructions
  • 1 x alcohol pad
  • 1 x lancet

Watch video on how to use the home vitamin d test kit for self testing

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