Price Match Guarantee

Our Price Match Guarantee To You

Your satisfaction is very important to us

We are proud of the medical supplies that we sell, and we will always aim to offer the best value for money on the products that we sell, delivered to your door.

How do we meet this goal

To ensure that we meet this goal, our price monitoring team regularly price check delivered price at online stores in the UK market place, to ensure our prices including UK delivery offer you the customer, the best value for money on fertility products, when you buy through this website.

What to do if you find a lowered UK delivered price

If you find a lower delivered UK price please contact our customer support  team and make a price match guarantee request. 

If when we investigate our customer support team are satisfied that it is the same fertility product or fertility tests, in the same pack size, and comes with the same conditions of sale (ie not reduced because of short expiry dates) and the UK delivery service is the same, then we will of course honour the price match guarantee and be happy to do so.