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10 Professional Campylobacter Test Cassette Kits ALLTEST ICAM-602

10 Professional Campylobacter Test Cassette Kits ALLTEST ICAM-602

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Campylobacter test kits

ALLTEST Campylobacter test cassettes for stool sampling allow instant onsite identification of infection as a marker of Campylobacter diarrhoea.

Campylobacter is the second commonest worldwide cause of food poisoning. The ALLTEST ICAM-602 rapid test kits offer on-site rapid chromatographic immunoassay detection of Campylobacter jejuni antigen. 

Campylobacter test kits pack contents

  • 10 Campylobacter test kits with 10 buffer solution combined collectors and 1 data sheet instruction.

Campylobacter test kits use 

Professional Campylobacter Rapid Test for GP's health screening and hospitals. Professional use only -suitable for GP surgeries, clinics, laboratories etc. This is a professional medical diagnostic test kit intended solely for use by healthcare professionals under the supervision of doctors

Key features of the Campylobacter test kits

  • The Campylobacter rapid test kit detects infection in human faeces samples providing on-site results in 10 minutes
  • Each test kit contains everything needed for a complete Campylobacter test
  • 94.2% overall accuracy in diagnosing Campylobacter compared to ELISA
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