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ALL TEST GHB Urine Drug Test Cassettes

ALL TEST GHB Urine Drug Test Cassettes

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ALL TEST GHB urine drug test kits 

Our ALL TEST GHB Urine Drug Test Cassettes are designed for fast, accurate, and reliable testing of GHB in urine. This medical-grade test is easy to use and provides results in just 5 minutes. Get your results with confidence with this specialized GHB test 

Key features of the GHB test kits

  • Urine drug testing kit to detect GHB use.
  • Indicates if GHB is present in the urine sample and shows if it is above 10ug/ml, 20ug/ml, or 50ug/ml concentration.
  • Detects GHB in the urine for between 3-12 hours after use depending on how much GHB has been ingested
  • Highly accurate and reliable urine drug test kit for GHB.
  • Simple and easy-to-use urine drug test.
  • Results within 5 minutes.
  • Full instructions included.
  • Each GHB test kit is individually wrapped.
  • Each GHB urine drug test kit is single-use.
  • GHB drug test cassettes are manufactured by ALL TEST.
  • A vitamin c urine test strip is Included with each drug test cassette to exclude false positive results as high levels of vitamin c in the urine can cause a false positive for GHB.

Each GHB drug test kit includes:

  • GHB urine drug test kit (cassettes)
  • Vitamin C urine test strip (to exclude false positives)
  • 1 buffer solution
  • Instruction/ datasheet. 
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