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We have a 5% coupon code you can use every time you order that is active until the end of January 2020 is: NEW

Please feel free to pass any of our coupon codes onto family and friends, chat groups etc. Coupon may be used multiple times. Only one coupon is applied per order.

Medical Student Discounts

We were medical students once and we know how expensive medical equipment can be for students, so we want to do our bit to help. If you are a medical, dental, physiotherapy, nursing, paramedic or other health care student, student body or group that would benefit from discount coupons specific for that group please e-mail us for more information and we will set you a 10% student discount code up for your university or college. 

Please send the e-mail to

Drug & Alcohol Testing Kits Discount Coupons

You can also use our discount coupon to purchase breathalysers & drug testing kits at our drug & alcohol testing kits website

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